Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets From Your Indian Trail Pet Sitter

The summertime is a great time of fun, joy, and sunshine. People are encouraged by Love and Kisses Pet Sitting to go outside and have fun with your furry friends. There are however several hazards you must keep a close eye out for. We are here for our communities by helping you informed on keeping your dog in the best healthy in the hot summer months


The blazing sun requires you to give your dog plenty of water and shade under the trees. Long periods of time in the sun can cause the dogs to pant and become very dehydrated. Prolonged heat exposure will put them in risk for health complications such as heat stroke. The heat and humidity can lead to potential hazards to the health of all dogs.


Make sure you and your pets are comfortable with any surrounding area you may be at. I suggest using a kiddie pool or sprinkler to keep cool. The dog loves water and I suggest choosing a plastic pool to prevent wear and tear of the nails.


It is very crucial to avoid prolonged exposure to the hot sand and pavement. The hot asphalt can burn your dog’s paws and skin. The summer morning or evening pavement may not be too hot. Maybe walk your dog can during the day to the wooded or grassy areas around your neighborhood.

Heat Stroke

Short-faced dogs happen to be more susceptible to heat strokes during the summertime. Some short-faced dogs can be bulldogs or pugs. It is not a good sign to see them pant aggressively because that is more susceptibility to complications of health. Limited access to the outdoors is encouraged when the weather arises 80 degrees outside.

Hot Cars

As a pet owner, I cannot stress enough how it is very unsafe to leave or keep your dog alone in a hot car. A cracked window does not provide your loving pet enough air to keep cool. This can actually be considered illegal in many states.

Make sure you and your pet avoid strenuous exercise on hot days or keep these sessions to a short minimal time period. You can always keep your pet very busy indoors.


Doggie sunburn is actually a thing especially for dogs with light colored short fur. Sun protection lotions are a thing as well and they are made specifically for dogs.

Ticks and Fleas

 The ticks and mosquitoes are at their all-time peak in the summertime. Therefore, you may want to have a chat with the veterinarian about different preventative measures. Skin checks are recommended daily to check for any ticks or fleas. Dogs also should be cared for around treated lawn areas. Lawns may have different toxic chemicals and pesticides that can absolutely kill a dog instantaneously. Personally, I know a person whose dog was killed by the antifreeze from a running car. I have never been so devastated by a story because the dog was so young.

Please keep your pet safe.



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