Love and Kisses Pet Sitting Policies

Minimum Visit

All dogs will be visited no less than every 12 hours, although recommended three times a day.

All cats will be visited no less than once every 24 hours but strongly recommended every 12 hours. No exceptions will be made. This is for the safety of your fur-baby.

 We do not do every-other-day visits or any pet sitting for cats other than daily visits.  There are no exceptions to this policy. Please read the blog I wrote on this to help you understand why. 




All credit cards will be charged the Friday before your visits are scheduled for the next week. For example: If you have your visits scheduled for next week on Thursday, your card will be charged the Friday BEFORE. 



For your security and protection, all pet sitting reservations MUST BE CONFIRMED before you leave.  By leaving a voice mail or sending an email or text message requesting pet sitting is not enough.  Please be sure that we have responded to your request and have you on our calendar before you assume that we will be there.



For our clients that have Regular mid- daily visits set up (on a monthly schedule) you can cancel by 8 am of the morning of visits with no charge. If you cancel after 8 am you will be charged

Cancel by 8 am for all our daily clients in order to get a credit to your account.  Visits canceled after this deadline will be charged the full amount for the scheduled visit.

Vacation Visits

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting understands that sometimes plans change and you need to cancel your travel plans.  However, since we schedule our client’s visits so precise and turn away other clients in order to give each pet their desired amount of time and loving care and attention, we typically are unable to fill the empty spots a cancellation creates.  For these instances, we have instituted a cancellation policy for all clients.

Early returns or late departures will NOT be refunded.  Cancellation Policy – Once services are confirmed, we dedicate time to you and do not overbook. We understand your plans may change and we do not charge for cancellations with adequate notice. However, if you cancel 48 hours or less (2 days) you will be required to pay for the pet sit visit that you have scheduled.  We offer credit to your account for visits that are canceled prior to 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure. We do not send refunds.



Overnight Stay and Live-in Cancellation Policy

Due to the exclusive nature of overnight and live-in bookings, our pet sitters must decline all requests for overnights and live-in’s that coincide with the dates you have booked.  Therefore, we require a 2-week cancellation for ALL overnight pet sitting visits NO EXCEPTIONS.

Shared Responsibilities Or Others With Access To Home

We require that you notify the office if there is ever a possibility that other individuals will be in your home during any time period when your pet is in our care.  We take the care and safety of your pet and home very seriously and will contact the police if we feel your home safety has been violated.  Additionally, if others are given access to your home it will compromise certain areas of our insurance policies.

As a reminder, all reservations, cancellations, and changes in schedule must be made online or by calling 704-763-9857. Notes or messages to the pet sitters NOT will be accepted.


During our meet and greet, we will need to collect 2 (two) keys to your home for our visits. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE.  One key is for the pet sitter that will be going to your home and one is a backup key that will be kept locked in our office for any unexpected emergencies such as your pet sitter being sick or late due to traffic, etc…

A key copy charge of $8.00 (per key) will be assessed if only one set is provided.  If we have to come back to pick up your key, there is a visit charge.  Should you choose to have your key returned at any point, a $15 key pick up/drop off charge.

If you have a door keypad we will still need at least 1 key or garage code just in case the battery fails (we would not want to not be able to get in your home to care for your pets.  This is very important


Please do not call the sitter directly to schedule. They have been instructed to redirect calls for scheduling back to me. All scheduling must go through the office for insurance purposes.  NO EXCEPTIONS 

Emergency Contact Information

Please be sure to always update your emergency contact information and make sure we have a trusted neighbors phone number on file. You may do so by logging into the online system. 

Pet Photos

Our dog walkers will often take pictures of your pets while in their care to share with you via text or email.  We like to share these photos with other interested clients via our website or on our company Facebook Page.  If you wish to not have your pet featured, please contact us to let us know.

Excellent Service, Peace of Mind, Reliability, and Professionalism!!! 

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