“Maureen came to meet with us and our 12-year-old cat and 9 years old dog.  She had the cat purring and the dog took such a liking to her.  We hired her on the spot.  Maureen did a wonderful job of caring for our elder pets for us and since then we have used her several times.  Love and Kisses are the BEST in the business.Yes, you can tell Maureen has a special connection with animals and apparently, she chooses pet sitters that have that same “GIFT” as I call it. I highly recommend Love and Kisses.  They were absolutely excellent.  I knew when we first met for the “meet & greet” that they would be “the one” from the questions they asked and how they asked them.  Mine was no ordinary pet sitting job. I have an old Yorkie and MANY cats. Some needed medications.  I myself get overwhelmed from all that needs to be done. It is difficult. The lady that took care of my pets was so thorough and so considerate. You can see that they take great pride in pleasing both owner & pets and are very “into” the animals and very into doing a great job.  It’s not just a business they genuinely love animals. I was kept informed on how things were going via text and I really loved that since I was away many days. I know it took a lot of hard work to take care of so many pets and so many tasks. My pet sitter from Love and Kisses went far and beyond any expectations I had. My pets and my home were in tip top shape upon my return. It’s a scary thing finding responsible people to take care of your pets but I don’t feel scared anymore.

Pamela M.

Love & Kisses pet sitting has the best pet sitters ever.  They are so kind and loving to my pups who are a handful and they always send me pictures of my babies when they visit.   Their prices and services they provide are more than reasonable!!!!  I would very highly recommend them for all your pet sitting needs!!!!

Lori C.

We moved from Ballantyne to Union county and at the time had a 2-year-old Tibetan Terrier (Heinz). We decided that it was time to get another puppy but honestly didn’t know what we were going to do when it came to walking, and visits until she was potty trained as both my wife and I have full-time jobs. We googled a few services and although they all sounded great, we like all other pet owners were nervous about letting others into our house, the meet and greet and just knowing someone else was watching our kids(dogs). We reached out to Love and Kisses Pet Sitting and scheduled the in-home visit. Maureen and her staff came over and it was an instant relief. You could tell they loved their jobs, love animals and they were going to treat your pets like their own. We flooded them with questions, and not only did they answer they gave this is what we can do if this doesn’t work out kind of answers. They were very knowledgeable with all the surrounding vets, and contacts if our pups needed more. It truly made having the puppy that much better. OHHH failed to mention the staff sent texts, pictures, updates during and after visits which was very much appreciated. They honestly have been great.

Mike B.

I can not recommend Maureen of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting highly enough, she went out of her way to help me with what turned out to be a difficult schedule.  She worked with me with regular contact by email while I was out of the country, with written report’s daily for my children.  My girls got as much love and care as they would do if I had been home, how do I know you may ask as I was away, well, when Maureen came around to drop off my Keys they all greeted her with such love and affection, and we all know, there are no better judges of character than Dogs, and my babies certainly loved Maureen .  I would with confidence recommend Maureen 110% of the time, she goes above and beyond to make sure your pets are well cared for, and nothing is too much trouble for her.

Karen C. Waxhaw

Maureen and her staff are absolutely wonderful. We have 3 Shih Tzu’s and our sweet little Daisy who is 14..oh and our Cockatoo Angel. We went away at Christmas and left Daisy and Angel here. They came and met with us, went over everything and let us meet who would be coming and looking after them while we were away. It was so nice to be able to get away and not worry. Now we can go for a long weekend to ourselves and know that our precious family members are safe and loved. That is HUGE to us!  Maureen is a huge animal lover herself and has a great understanding of how important it is to people to have good care with lots of love for our animals!

Terri M

So happy to have found such a great pet sitter.  I have been using Love and Kisses Pet sitting for over 3 years now and feel so comfortable leaving my home and pets under their care.

Truly the best

My hubby and I just went away for a few days for Christmas. Maureen from Love and Kisses looked after our older doggie Daisy and our Cockatoo Angel while we were gone. She did such an excellent job. It was wonderful to be able to go away and not worry about them. It’s so nice to know that going forward we can take some time away for ourselves and our babies will be in good hands!

Terri in Lake Park

I can honestly say Love and Kisses Pet sitting has exceeded my expectations. My husband and I work full-time and drive an hour to work so our 2 little chihuahuas were home alone for over 11 hours every day then they did not want to go to sleep at night! Now, we have Love and Kisses come once in the middle of the day. They take the dogs for a walk, feed them a treat, and play with them. After each visit, they leave me a note so I know what happened on the visit. It is obvious that our dogs love their pet sitters and that makes me feel so much better while I m at work. Also, Maureen has been wonderful to work with. If I need extra visits or weekend visits, I just text or email her. I’m so happy I found Love and Kisses Pet Sitting!

Cynthia, Monroe NC

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has provided my dogs with the most loving care each and every time we have required their services. During vacations and in times of emergencies Maureen has promptly and professionally come to our aid. My dogs are always well cared for, stress-free and content when we return. They love Maureen like she is part of the family. Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend Love and Kisses.  Thank you.

Brenda K, Indian Trail

We had to leave the country due to a death in the family and the owner of the company came to take care of our dogs in our home. We wanted to keep our dogs more comfortable in their own home rather than expose them to the stresses of other dogs in the Kennels. Since then, we had her watch the dogs whenever we leave town and they’re always happy to see her! Great job Love and Kisses Pet Sitting!
Brian K. Indian Trail

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