Young Living 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils For Your Pets

Hello, I am Belinda. I am the proud momma of two little Yorkshire Terriers, Princess Anne, and Little Bear. Damon and I began our journey of Living Green about 4.5 years ago. This included everything, and everyone in our home- even our fur babies. After doing our research, we only use and teach on Young Living 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and their oil infused products. I am not a doctor or a veterinarian. I am a pet owner taking control of my pets’ health sharing about the huge benefits we see in our babies from using all-natural plant-based products in our home.  Making the right choices about your family’s health and wellness is hard. There is so much misleading information out in the social media world. With so many differences of opinions. It can seem overwhelming to make the best decision. I love that Young Living provides me with the resources, education, and knowledge that I need to make the best-informed decision on caring for my fur babies.

What does Living Green even mean?

It means ditching your old junk products and going with an all-natural plant- based product. We can all agree that our pets are our family. We want our babies to have long, healthy, happy lives. Living Green in our home is one of the best ways to assure this. You may have thought about the effect harsh chemicals are having on you, but have you considered the health effect they are having on your pet? The greener and cleaner you can make your home, (free from toxic chemicals, cleaners, scented fragrances, carpet sprays, candles etc) the healthier your dog will be. Think about what you are cleaning your floor with, that’s where they hang out. What do you wash their bedding with? Does it contain surfactants, stabilizers, or bleach? That is where they lay, where their nose is, breathing in what?? Chemicals? Princess and Bear are happy to say their momma only uses the Young Living Thieves Line of products, all-natural plant-based Thieves cleaner, laundry soap, gel or spray.

Bath Time for Your Pet

When it comes time for a bath, we all love using the Young Living Animal Scents Shampoo. My babies deserve the best and I am DOG SHAMPOOassured that Animal Scents Shampoo cleans, conditions, and protects their coats without any harmful ingredients. It is formulated to clean all types of dog fur and hair. It has insect repelling and insect-killing properties, designed to rid hair of lice, ticks, and other insects. This all-natural shampoo contains pure essential oils that are blended to gently cleanse, increase luster, and enhance grooming. Animal Scents shampoo contains Vetiver, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Geranium, Lemon, Lavandin, and Citronella. The citronella continues to provide protection for pesky things as the days go by. This shampoo is safe and effective for all animals and my babies smell look and feel beautiful when bath time is over.

What Other Pet Pet Products

Young Living offers a whole line of pet products, known as the Animal Scents Line. This Line contains items like shampoo, pet chews, salve, and pet-specific Animal Scent oils. I personally use both the Animal Scents line and my own Young Living oils and rest assured knowing all the plant-based products are safe for our entire family. The variety offered by Young Living allows each pet owner to choose which line works best in their home.

How to Calm Your Pets Fears

My little Princess is a very nervous girl. She shakes and shimmies and is fearful of a lot of things. I love having Young Living Essential oils to calm her fears. I often, (okay daily!) wear Valor oil and hold her tight to me. Valor contains calming properties. If we are going to the vet or to the groomer, I always apply Peace & Calming oil. I add the oil to my own hands and pet their fur and calm their fears. Some pet mommas prefer to use the Animal Scents T- Away Oil. Its scent is formulated to provide a sense of emotional freedom and joy.  On days when I am out and about, I will diffuse especially for Princess. I usually prefer the Peace & Calming or a Lavender and Cedarwood combo. I place the diffuser above the kennel so the aroma drifts down.


Tummy Issues With Your Pet

Due to Princess’ high anxiety she often also has tummy issues. My go-to oil when her belly starts to squeal is Aroma Ease. Oh, my goodness it smells wonderful and calms her immediately. It has a cool, minty scent with powerful essential oil constituents that contribute to the calming aroma. It contains peppermint, ginger, spearmint, cardamom, and fennel. All the things I want when my belly is feeling queasy.

I will leave you today with a glance at my favorite pet shampoo and a photo of the Animal Scents oils. Until next time, oil up, oil often and oil all the members of your family… both human and fur babies.


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