Would You Give Your Dog or Cat Beer? Indian Trail Pet Sitter Shares Information On A Beer For Your Pet.

I thought I had heard it all, but today I have learned that there is a BEER for dogs!!!  Yes, you read right, a BEER FOR DOGS!!!




Bowser Beer is a fun, healthy, non-alcoholic beer for dogs. It can be served straight out of the bottle, or as a topping on dry food. Dogs are known to love beer and now their owners can treat them to their own festive, delicious brew. Hops and alcohol free, Bowser Beer is all 100% American-made ingredients, which include real beef broth (not out of a can), malt barley (good for their coats) and glucosamine (good for joints). Dogs lap it up and you can feel good about serving it because it’s low in calories and fat. It’s a party in a bottle! Bowser Beer makes a unique gift for the pet who has (almost) everything. Cats are discovering that Bowser Beer is tasty too.Ingredients: Malt barley, chicken, 100% American-made beef broth, citric acid & sodium benzoateDirections: Suggested serving: full bottle for med-lg. dogs, half bottle for small dogs.


I have read  that you can pour it over your pets food or freeze it into cubes for a hot summer day or just pour it into a bowl.  I kind of like this idea.  If you give it as a special treat on their birthday or a holiday.  I really think that would be a special treat for your pet and they will love you for it.



Below is  the link for the their website to purchase your own bottle of Bowser Beer


Below is their Facebook page link












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