Would You Get Your Dog a Light Up Collar or Light Up Leash?

While I out pet sitting and dog walking I went to clients home to walk her little dog and came across a light-up leash.  I thought what a wonderful idea.  If you like to walk your dog in the early morning hours when it is still a bit dark out or at night.  This is what I would use.  It is a bright light leash.  Then I come to find out that there are also collars too.  Even better.  I know sometimes I will let my dogs out in the yard at night and always try to look out to see them but 2 of them are black labs so I can not see them at night.  I would surely get a light up collar for them. If your dogs is running around and get out he/she is sure to be seen by cars and people from a long distance away.  I just love the idea of this.  My thought is why not have it for your pet.  It could save your pets life.

light up collars
With the LED Lighted Dog Collar, drivers can see your dog up to 1,000′ away, giving them ample time to react, slow down, and drive with caution.
The durable nylon collar has a flexible polymer with embedded LED bright lights.

Product De-Tails:


  • Easy ON/OFF Switch on the collar
  • These collars have three modes: 1-STEADY LIGHT 2-FLASHING LIGHT 3-OFF
  • These LED Collars are the best choice for long-haired dogs
  • Durable nylon webbing construction
  • The quick-release buckle makes collar simple to put on or remove
  • Matching leashes available
  • Visible for 1/4 mile
  • Lights Go All the Way Around for 360-degree visibility
  • Top Quality, Water Resistant
  • Batteries Are Included(CR2025V)- last 35-40 hrs


  • Water-resistant, not waterproof. Great for rainy days not swimming in lakes 🙂

Lighted Dog Collar Buying Tips, click here

Also keep in mind that if your dog gets out, people who see your dog will realize right away that the dog belongs to someone.  Always make sure that you have your information on your dog’s collar too.

light up leash and collar

Another great item is the light up dog harness. Why did I not think of these products?


So I think I will give all these products a thumbs up………. But hold on I have one more for you to check out. See below.

If you are looking for another great harness check out “Chai’s Choice Dog Harness” It is one of the finest quality adventure dog harness available in the market.



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