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Snuggles on the couch..very cozy

Well I do….

Should you let your dog sleep in the bed with you at night?  What about snuggle-time on the couch during the day?  The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Some people do  believe that allowing dogs on the furniture can make them think they are in charge of the whole family.While others see no problem with sharing furniture with the family’s dog and consider it bonding time.  There may be no solution to this debate, but it probably just comes down to your dog’s personality and your own personal preference.

I have no problem letting my dogs sleep or jump up on my furniture.   I hear a lot of people say “I don’t let Fido on the furniture  and I have no problem with that.  That is fine and everyone has their own rules.  I just don’t have a problem with MY dogs doing it.  As a matter a fact, I enjoy laying on my sofa with all three of my dogs up there with me.  I know some will say “Ewww” but I say “Awww”.  

My pets are my best friends and family members and would not have it any other way.  Although, sometimes when we have company and one of my dogs gets the best spot in the house, I do have to tell him/her to get down, but that does not happen very often.  They do know better when company is over.

I gives me great pleasure to see my 112lb lab laying on his back (belly up) on the couch.  I say to myself  “that’s my boy.”  All my pets are allowed to pick their own spots and I am fine with that.  


What are your thoughts?  Leave your comments below…I would love to hear from you all….



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