Women Owned Business Day Is Today. Celebrate All The Women Who Have Achieved This

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting


As the owner of a business and a women, I only thought it appropriate to spread the word that today is women owned business day.  So happy day to all the women who own their own business today.  Lets celebrate what we have achieved and continue to grow our business everyday.

Woman-Owned Business Day falls on May 1, which is a prime shopping day for Mother’s Day gifts. The day exists to encourage consumers to shop from woman-owned businesses. Inspired by the investment gap between woman-owned and male-owned businesses, the founders hope to create awareness that woman-owned and woman-oriented businesses can succeed and are good investments. Help support this cause by purchasing from woman-owned businesses and promoting the day on social media using the hash tag  #buyfromwomen.

I own Love and Kisses Pet Sitting that I started up in October 2006.  My business has grown over the years and I celebrate today and cheer on all the other women who have done the same.  Enjoy your day.

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