Will You Help Abigail The Giant Schnauzer? She Really Needs Your Help.


Together We Can All Help This Poor Girl

This is a story written by Furever Angels Animal Rescue of Charlotte.  Please read and help in any way you can.  They REALLY need all the help they can get on this one. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting here in Charlotte want to ask you to help spread the word so we can all make this happen.  IF, all of us would just send at least a small donation, it possibly could take care of this poor animal. Let’s do it.

We have a heartbreaking situation and we are going to need everyone coming together to make this miracle happen. We were contacted about this sweet girl that was at a very rural shelter in SC. This shelter does the very best they can with little to no financial support. At this time they have an old tobacco barn in which they have crate after crate stacked and this is where they house the smaller strays that are brought in. The larger dogs are basically kept outside chained with no more than a tarp for protection. It’s a very sad situation. Because of this, the staff works very hard in reaching out to rescues to come and get these dogs and try to find them homes. This is how Abigail came to be with us.

Abigail is a Giant Schnauzer and approximately 3 years old. She was very malnourished and grossly underweight when she came to us. She weighed 49 lbs. and should have been around 75 lbs. She had skin issues and was Heartworm positive. Her mouth looked horrible, unlike anything we’d ever seen. She was obviously in a lot of pain. She was very lethargic and her spirit was broken. She was very scared. Her foster mom’s heart broke for this poor baby girl.

We immediately got her into our vet. In her attempt to chew through her chain she had worn her teeth down to the point that the nerve roots were exposed. She was going to need extensive dental surgery. It was beyond anything our vet, or any regular veterinary hospital was equipped to handle. We were referred to a specialist in our area. Actually, there is only one vet hospital in our area that is able to perform this type of surgery. Abigail is going to need root canals, the bone area has to be built back up, she needs implants, 12 incisors removed…the list goes on. This poor girl has an extremely long road ahead of her.

Our rescue has never been hit with anything this severe before. As most of you know, we are a 100% non-profit organization. We have already spent $616.21 on this sweet girl and the cost are rising. The estimate for her surgery is $7143.91 plus an additional $500 to treat her heartworms for a total of $8158.24 (this figure is after rescue discounts are applied). Though we don’t know how we are going to make this happen we simply cannot let this girl down. She has been let down her whole life and there is a reason fate sent her to us. However, we cannot do this alone. With so many already in our rescue with medical needs we are going to need the help of our community now more than ever. Please, please, please donate anything you can. NO amount is too small. It all starts to add up. All donations are tax deductible. If you cannot donate financially please help us in other ways…post Abigail’s story to your wall and ask your friends to do the same, if allowed, share her story at you place of business and take donations there, anything you can do to help this girl will be desperately needed and greatly appreciated. The New Year is upon us and we all make resolutions that we usually don’t keep. Let’s make Abigail’s life our resolution for this upcoming year and dedicate ourselves to keeping it. We need a miracle; Abigail needs a miracle. Who will join us in making this miracle happen?

To make a donation please click on the link below. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.







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