Will We Not Let Your Dog Out LOOSE In The Yard If You Have An Electric Fence? NO Way!!!!

Lexie and Sam


I have heard to many times of dogs getting away from home with an electric fence.  I am writing my blog today to let you know that if you have an electric fence and you hire Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, we will not let your dog out to go potty without having a fenced in yard.  WHY?  Because I have seen too many times that dogs can just run through the electice fences.  What happens if the battery runs low while you are away on vacation and we have no control over the dog because he/she runs through it?  I will not take that chance at all.

Instead, if you do have an electric fence we will take your dog for a long walk to to make sure he/she does their business.


Max and Molly as pups on leash


We will play in the house after the walk with the dog.  But we will not let your dog out in the yard with no fence to keep them in.  Sorry I will not take that chance.

I hope you understand my reasons for doing this.  I would not want to have to call you and say ” Sorry your dog just ran away”





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