Why You Should Not Put Your Pet in a Kennel. You Have Other Choices.


Why You Should Not Put Your Pet in a Kennel

Every pet owner wants the assurance that their pet will receive adequate care and attention while they are away for a long day job or on vacation. As a pet owner who is going to be away for quite a while and considering the welfare of your pet, there some good reasons why you should not contemplate putting your pet in a kennel, but instead hire a pet sitter. Stress is one of the major problems faced by many pets that are placed in a kennel. There are other issues with putting your pet in a kennel which many pet owners are not aware of, and we are going to discuss some of them.

As already mentioned that stress is one of the major reasons why you should not put your pet in a kennel, this is because when your pet is used to a particular environment which is in your home, they normally face anxiety problems with having to cope with other unfamiliar pets, people in an unfamiliar environment with strange smells and sound. These environmental changes or change in daily routine can put your pet under undue stress. If such environment has placed your pet under stress, it may refuse to eat or play while in the boarding facility. This could be a terrible state for your pet to be in.

KennelThe risk of a kennel cough is another reason why you should not put your pet in a kennel. A kennel cough is a kind of respiratory disease among dogs which can be transferred from an infected dog to another in close contact. Putting your dog in a kennel may expose it to such risk since you do not know the health status of other dogs in the facility. This disease is usually very expensive to treat and takes up to 3 months before it can finally clear off. If your dog is already stressed from being placed in a kennel, it will further reduce its immune system, making it more susceptible to this disease and other illnesses.

Another important reason while you should not put your pet in a kennel is that the employees at the facility may not have the required experience or natural affection to care for your pet while you are away, unlike professional pet sitters. Leaving your pet with unprofessional personnel will mean your pet not receiving the right attention and care, but will only be left in a cage most of the times or left to roam about without supervision. For kennels, pet boarding is purely business, and this business is bad for the well being of your pet if you really care enough.

Generally, pets are not very happy when they are boarding in a kennel because of certain thing they go through. It has been reported and proven that during pets’ stay in a kennel; they suffer from so much anxiety and depression. They have also been known to be nervous all through their stay; some of them will refuse to eat, while some others suffer from diarrhea. These are enough reasons why you should not put your pet in a kennel if you care about the feelings and well being of your pet.

Reports and experience have shown that keeping your pets in a home environment or their own home have a huge difference on the pet’s happiness, health, and emotional well being. This is while you should consider hiring a professional pet sitter at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting to look after your pet while you are away.

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