Why You Should Not Leave Your Dog Tied Up Outside

Why You Should Not Leave Your Dog Tied Up Outside

Why You Should Not Leave Your Dog Tied Up Outside

Was there an instance that you had to leave your dog tied up outside unattended? I think you are more familiar with countless breeds of dogs, however do you ask yourself, what is an outside dog? Why would anyone leave a dog tied up outside unattended?
Most of the dogs that are left tied outside for a reason far from irritation and trouble complaints from escaping and barking than any preventive to disturbance. These complaints can cause antagonism, release, teasing as well as poisoning. We all love our dog right. In addition, it is very sweet when we take them outside to show them off when we walk them.  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting encourages that there are tons of hazard to your dog’s well-being are at risk. In reality, it is against the law to tie your dog outside in some countries.
Here are some reasons why you should not tie you dog up and leave it outside:
·       You can see the body language and facial expression of your dog when you left them outside. You will see how worried your pet will look when you leave them.
·       They can easily get scared by anything and try to escape, or get injured by the leash.  At the same time, a well-meaning unfamiliar person who’s attempting to help your dog can be bitten when the dog was afraid.
·       You know that your dog maybe sweet, however the pattern of abandon outside by you and becoming approached by unfamiliar persons can cause fear-based aggression to your dog.  Little kids will most likely want to extend and pet dogs when they see them outside alone, however your typical  friendly dog can change to irritable and show aggression and unfriendliness toward the kids.
·       It is a very good idea to supervise your pet when he is outside.
·       Another reason why you should not leave your dog tied up outside is one out of five pet dogs are stolen or lost every year. Specific breeds like French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers are defenseless and at risk from being stolen outside restaurants and shops and even in your own backyard.
The more your dog has the chance to be outdoors, the minimal behavioral power you have.  The thing here is very simple: the more you have the power to the stimulus that reaches your dog, the more you have the power to its responses.




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