Why You Should Book a Pet Sitter (Love and Kisses Pet Sitting) For Summer Vacation

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Why You Should Book a Pet Sitter (Love and Kisses Pet Sitting) For Summer Vacation

There are many pet owners today who like the idea of hiring a pet sitter to look after their pet while they are away. While you may be considering the idea of hiring a pet sitter for your next summer vacation, there may be some good and bad sides to this idea, you will have to decide if pet sitting is alright for you and book the best pet sitter. Here are five reasons while Love and Kisses Pet sitting can be the best option for you.

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1. Love and Kisses pet sitting gives your pet so much attention that they don’t have to miss you too much even while you are away. There are some boarding facilities or kennels out there that do not give your pet the required attention. With Love and kisses pet sitter, your pet would receive a close attention. This helps to keep close eyes on your pet and monitor everything about it. With this, if your pet should get sick, depressed or maybe not just acting right, your pet sitter will easily detect and immediately provide adequate care for it.

2. Another great reason to book a pet sitter at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is that you wouldn’t have to worry about drop off or pick up times when planning your next summer vacation. You should be able to leave at anytime and don’t have to bother about when the boarding facility or kennel closes. At Love and kisses, we put your interest first by working round your schedule and caring for your pet so that you can enjoy your vacation. This also gives you the fulfillment of having your pet(s) greet you with lots of love and kisses upon your return.

3. Your pet enjoys the feeling of being at home in its house as much as you do when you return back from work feeling stressed. Love and Kisses help retain this environment for your pets with their favorite toys to play with, favorite couch to lie on, all familiar sounds, sights and sounds to keep your pet from stress, feeling happy and looking healthy while you are away. We also help to maintain a good hygiene, which means your pet will not be exposed to any form of disease and illness commonly experienced in some boarding facilities and kennel.

4. At Love and Kisses, we do not have to put your pets in the cage at all times. We allow them have the freedom to move about. Booking our pet sitter is one of the best vacations you can give your pet.

5. Many boarding facilities and kennels will require that you book at least a week in advance for you to be able to use their service. But you can always book our service at any time. That is another reason you need Love and Kisses pet sitting if you are embarking on an emergency trip. It is true that there are nice boarding facilities and kennels which some dogs enjoy staying at, but for the dogs that would prefer to stay at home and have an awesome treatment, Love and Kisses pet sitting is just what they need. It is a good thing to let them have this privilege as you plan your next summer vacation.




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