Why You Need Daily Dog Walking

Why You Need Daily Dog Walking 

Daily Dog WalkingDaily Dog Walking for your pet is one of the most important things you can do for your dog.While most people view walking their dog as a means of giving their dog the exercise they need to stay healthy. From a dog’s perspective, a walk is far more meaningful than simply getting a bit of exercise. In fact, even if your dog has access to a large play area and has the opportunity of running and playing several hours a day, a daily walk is still important for your dog’s mental and well as physical health. Here are just a few reasons Why You Need To Walk Your Dog Daily or at least several times a week is so important no matter how much another exercise he gets.

Daily Dog Walking Reinforces the Pack Structure

Dogs are pack animals, and such they are healthier and happier when they know and understand their position in the pack hierarchy. However, like small children they need these lessons reinforced on a constant basis to completely understand the role they perform in the family which is their pack. Walking your dog establishes and reinforces that you are the pack leader and helps them to realise that they are not. This makes it simpler for them to know and accept their role in the family which makes them more comfortable as they know exactly where they belong.

Daily Dog Walking helps Them Following the Rules

Dogs need directions and norms to follow and are happier when they have rules they know they must follow. Walking your dog and having himWalk Your Dog Daily understand he must go where you want to go and stop when you want to stay gives him some clear rules that he can follow. Since most dogs are eager to please their owners, your dog will see these walks as an opportunity to please you which will make him happy.

Dog Walking helps Broadens their Horizons
Most dogs are highly intelligence and become quickly bored with the same scenery. Taking your dog for a walk expands his horizons, let’s him see more of the world around him, and helps him to practice and strengthen his social skills when walked in a dog park or area where he is likely to meet other people and animals.

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