Why You Need A Professional Pet Sitter

Why You Need A Professional Pet Sitter.

Hiring a professional pet sitter is one of the best decisions you can make if you have pets in your life. Are you a loving pet owner looking for someone to take care of your pets while you’re away? Have you spent countless hours scouring the internet for solutions only to realize that nobody really seems to cater to your particular needs? Don’t worry, today we will go through every single aspect of professional pet sitting and I can assure you that by the end of this article you will finally have all the answers you’ve been looking for.

Who need’s a professional pet sitter?

In all honesty, all pet owners would benefit greatly from professional pet sitting but today we’ll cover specific scenarios where our services would be more beneficial for you.

Are you traveling?

Traveling with pets can turn into a disaster if one does not make the necessary arrangements, animals have a tendency to react poorly to an area they are not accustomed to thereby ruining your lovely trip in the process. Similarly, many popular travel destinations aren’t pet-friendly due to the high number of tourists and numerous complicated laws governing animals. In this regard, it is advisable that you hire a re-known professional pet sitter to take care of your animals while you are gone. The service can be offered either in your home or at one of our professional pet sitter’s premises and we can take care of the animals for as long as you like.

Are you busy?

Time is a precious commodity that we all have to manage properly if we want our lives to remain on track. This is the reason a multitude of pet owners hire our services. They know that their pets can be well taken care of even when they have no time to do it themselves. This problem is common for people who consistently push over 50 hours a week working, they love their pets but sometimes work has to come first so that the lights can stay on. We offer daily dog walking or potty breaks for your pets. Hiring a professional pet sitter can help you alleviate some of your time management problems.

Is your pet sick or elderly?

Not every pet has the luxury of always being healthy, some animals struggle with illness and injury forcing their owners to find alternative ways of caring for them. This sort of predicament isn’t as common but it is the most delicate as sick animals need specialized care that very few people can provide. It is a service that requires loving pet sitters who understand the needs of sick animals and knows what to do in an emergency situation.

cat sitterIs your pet troublesome or have separation anxiety?

I can still remember one of the first cats I ever had to care for. Not only was she anxious and constantly stressed but she couldn’t settle down and eat or relax. Her owner had become frustrated trying to keep her happy and was on the verge of giving her up to a shelter. This is where we come in and put in time and love helping the poor cat find peace and tranquility. Your animal might be a nightmare to handle but we’ll find a way to make them hospitable without using crude and outdated methods. We work with many trainers in the area and refer one or two for you to contact.

Do you live alone?

Most homes are fortunate to have multiple parties who can care for the animals. Some people, on the other hand, have to live on their own. either by choice or circumstance and therefore need someone to watch their animals while they are away. It is a common predicament that can be solved by hiring a professional pet sitter.

Are you new to pet ownership?

Owning a pet is one thing but caring for it and ensuring it stays happy is another. As a matter of fact, some pets need more attention than others, therefore, making the learning curve a bit steeper than usual. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We can help you learn the ropes of pet ownership all while ensuring that your animal is as healthy and happy as possible.

A friend or two might have suggested themselves as potential pet sitters but you have your doubts. You’re not sure that Timmy, the neighbor’s kid, can adequately take care of your pet dog. We agree, it is much safer to hire a professional, here are a few reasons why.

Timmy isn’t focused on your pet.

Timmy is probably trying to save up some money for a new pair of sneakers and he thought that pet sitting your dog would get him a few dollars. What he never anticipated was how much attention your dog requires. Don’t be surprised if Timmy forgets to lock your pet’s cage while he plays with his Xbox all day or forgets to feed your pet.  I have heard of the kids forgetting to lock the gate and the client’s pet ran away.  These are the thing that a professional never forget to check on.

Your pet can’t relate to Timmy.

Animals aren’t like we humans, they don’t easily trust and they take time before they get comfortable with someone. Most animals actually tend to get stressed once you leave them in the care of strangers and they will attempt to either harm themselves or run off once they sense a change of environment. Simply put your pet doesn’t want to be around strange people. Leave them with Love and Kisses pet sitting and they’ll find comfort knowing that they are in great hands.

professional pet sitterIn case of an emergency Timmy can’t help.

Pets much like small children often get themselves into trouble, It’s not that they want to but they just tend to find themselves in sticky situations. This is why it is a very bad idea to live your pet with Timmy from down the street. He might be able to feed your cat when she’s hungry but he won’t know what to do when she gets stuck up a tree.

Timmy wants to experiment with your pet.

Most amateur pet sitters are kids with unending imaginations. They want to play with your animal but they can’t tell apart what hurts the animal and what is good for it. As a result, they end up trying out stuff they have seen in movies and on television. I wouldn’t want anyone trying to use my lovely pugs as their science experiment.

Timmy isn’t as cheap as you had earlier thought.

Let’s talk about the real reason you want Timmy to watch your turtle while you’re on a business trip; you’re trying to save some money. Unfortunately letting an amateur pet sitter care for your pet will turn into a very pricey move in the mid to long term. Your pet will probably end up injured, sick or even lost and that’s when you’ll realize the true cost of amateur pet sitting.

Who are we and why should you trust us with your pet?

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is a certified company that specializes in the care of all types of pets. We are primarily based in Union County NC but arrangements can be made if you are in a nearby town.

What sort of services do you offer?

We primarily care or animals on a temporary basis on behalf of owners who don’t have the luxury of time to do it themselves. The bulk of our work comes from vacation pet sitting, cat sitting and dog walking but we’re also adequately equipped to handle a wide range of household and farm animals too. Call us to discuss your pets needs.

How long have you been in business?

Our establishment has been in existence since 2006 and we’ve stayed in business ever since. Our clientele consists of loving pet owners and they would definitely vouch for us if you need a referral. Having been in the pet care business for over a decade is our actual core strength as we have experienced nearly every scenario that can arise when pets are involved. And have the proper channels in place in case of emergencies.  We make sure your pet is well taken care of and even your home and property.

Are you equipped to handle my pet?

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is more than adequately prepared to handle your pet. Not only do we have 22 dedicated pet sitters but we have also heavily invested in the right equipment and training for animal care. This includes feeding, playing, resting, cleaning and walking equipment. Your pet won’t miss out on any of their daily routines as we will make sure they are happy and healthy in your absence.

How do you handle pet-related emergencies?

We know how much you love and value your pet and that is why we have invested in pet insurance that covers all the animals that are under our care. This cover entails pet care in its entirety, therefore, ensuring that no emergency will ever render you pet injured or lost. In addition, our staff is trained in all the pet-related emergency techniques including pet CPR and pet first aid. All our pet sitter are fully insured and bonded. Your animals will always receive the best care no matter the situation. We take pride in assuring that all the pets we have and will care for, as well as all the pet sitters, are fully covered.

How much does your service cost? Are you expensive?

Unlike other pet sitting companies that commonly price their services as premium, Love and Kisses Pet Sitting would rather have some mercy in your pocket. Our pricing is affordable and we will ensure your pet receives that best attention at a fraction of what professional pet sitting truly costs. Pet sitting shouldn’t be exclusively for the affluent, every pet deserves love and that is what matters most.

When are you available?

We know and understand that you have a busy schedule that sometimes requires little to no short notice of when you’ll require our pet sitting services. It is for this reason that we have expanded our operations to cater for animals 24/7. You can contact us at any time of day and expect a professional pet sitter to answer your call or call you back or schedule your visit online within just a few hours if not immediately to tend to your pets.

What other services do you offer?

While you are away, we bring in your mail, water your plants, bring your trash cans out to the curb and bring them in after pick up. We can and tend to other duties that you ask us to handle for you as well.  We can even take your pet to the groomer or vet for you.


‘I’ve been a client of Love and Kisses for the past four months and I honestly can’t tell you how much they’ve done for me and my cats. As a single mother it is liberating to have such a warm sitter for my cats, sometimes I think that they like her more than they do me and my daughter’ Tina, Mint Hill.

‘I have a confession to make, sometimes I wish these guys could watch my kids. I know it sounds careless but I have come to trust my dog sitter more than the college kid who watches my child.’ Marty, Stallings

‘I didn’t like the thought of letting my dogs walk with anyone other than me and my boyfriend but I’ve come to trust these guys with Love and Kisses.’ Katrina, Weddington NC

‘My last pet sitter would use my WiFi all day and eat some of the deserts in the fridge. I would always come to a mess After a while, I decided that it was better to hire a professional pet sitting company to watch Sammy while I was on my regular business trips. Thank God I come across Love and Kisses, they’ve changed my life and I would recommend.’ them to anyone traveling for work.’ Buddy, Stallings.

Now that you know what we can do it time to take action and let professionals do the heavy lifting for you. Trust us to make your life much easier while ensuring that your pets are as healthy and happy as ever. Trust in us to take care of your pets and you will not be disappointed. We guarantee it.

We can assure you of only the best and most professional pet sitting service in the greater Union County area, all for an affordable and sustainable fee. Pet care is our God-given calling and we cannot take our duties lightly.

You don’t have to compromise and let Timmy from down the street watch your animals while you’re away, professional pet care is what you and your animals deserve.

Contact us and we’ll be ready to care for your pets at a moments notice.

Stay in touch and let us what is going on in you and your animal’s life. We want you to be part of our ever-expanding family.

Give a call to discuss your pet sitting needs. We would love to help you!  704-753-9857

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