Why You Need a Pet Sitter For Your Cat

 Why You Need a Pet Sitter For Your Cat In Indian Trail NC and all Surrounding Areas

If dogs are a man’s best friend, cats are the most popular; dogs are in more homes than cats, there are more cats per household than dogs per household. Why is that? Maybe it’s because of their domestic nature, the silent feeling of security they give off, or even the aura of mystery that they carry themselves in. Whatever the case may be cats are loved, and like all pets who are loved they should be taken care of. When pet owners care for their pets they do the essentials: water, feed, walk, and clean. One factor that isn’t often considered for pets is having a pet sitter. Here are some reasons why pet sitters are good for your cats.

Cat SitterEven though cats may come off as introverts they are very social pets and rely on human companionship. Being a pet owner isn’t your only responsibility, chances are if you have a pet you also have children, and this can take away from the attention the cat needs. Even if children aren’t a variable in your equation of life, something else is: work, travel, family, relationships, etc. These are all factors that can take away from the time a cat may require. Because they are so used to human companionship they can become stressed out by any sudden absences. This is where a cat sitter comes into play.

Cats shouldn’t be left alone for more than 12 hours. For some of us, we’re out of the house more than 12 hours a day. A cat sitter can fill that time with a human companion for your cat when you can’t be there. The constant presence and attention is good for the cat’s mood and keeps their equilibrium balanced. Pet sitters can contribute to your cat’s good mood and health by providing it with human interaction and play time.

Another reason a cat sitter should be considered is because they have the ability (time) to keep your cat on its daily schedule/routine. We all know that when we get sidetracked or thrown from our routines that help us function things tend to get hectic and can often lead to us making some reckless or unhealthy decisions.

A cat sitter can ensure that your cat is fed adequate amounts of food and water, they can take care of the cleaning of kitty litter, as well as other messes that are left behind. Another plus for having a cat sitter is that they are readily available to administer medication or take your cat to the vet if need be. They are the frontline defense in providing your pet with good health and happiness when you’re away from home. Cat sitters can also provide you with a sense of security; they pick up the mail and make the house appear “live in” even if you’re away on business or vacation. This discourages anyone from trying something unpleasant if they assumed you’re absent.

Cat sitters are an essential and vital necessity to your pet’s health, happiness and both of your well beings. Finding a cat sitter isn’t hard, there licensed practices that can provide you with certified sitters so you don’t have to worry about a neighbor or family member forgetting about another responsibility they have. Let the pet sitter be an extension of you. Keep your cats happy, healthy, and safe.

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