Why You Need a Pet Sitter in Indian Trail and Surround Areas of Union County NC ?

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Why You Need a Pet Sitter In Indian Trail

Here is why I think you need a pet sitter… I get this question from some people and I thought I would address it in my blog.  When I first moved to a Indian Trail NC, my husband and I had to fly back home to New York to attend a family wedding.  I did not know of anyone who could watch my dog at the time so I put him in a kennel to board him for 4 days.  Buddy is a 112lb black lab who is so spoiled and I felt so bad to leave him.  The owners assured me that he would be just fine.  When I picked him up he seemed fine.  Once home, I realized he had missing hair on his nose from trying to push out of the kennel to many times.  He also had NO BARK.  His voice was gone!!!!  I realized that my poor dog was not fine and all he was doing while in theGabe rolling in grass boarding facility was barking and pushing against the dog cage to GET OUT!!  I promised him I would NEVER EVER leave him in any boarding facility again and I NEVER did.  It was then that I decided to start my pet sitting business and help other pet owners keep their pets in their own safe environment and give them lots of LOVE AND KISSES while their owners are out of town.  I had 20 years experience working with dogs and cats in my prior business as a dog groomer back in NY and I have always had a special place in my heart for ALL ANIMALS.  With this said, I feel that some dogs and cats may do well in a boarding facility and some just don’t.  So my advice to all of you who love your pets think twice and do what you think is best for your beloved furry family member.

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