Why Pumpkin Is So Good For Your Dog

Why Pumpkin Is So Good For Your Dog

Pumpkin is important for not only human beings, but also to dogs.  There are lots of people out here who would wish to give their pets something extra-nutritious for better health. But don’t have any idea of how pumpkin or its seeds could be a perfect answer. Here, I will share with you some vital benefits of feeding pumpkins to your pet.

Better digestion

Letting your pet have some pumpkin with other foods helps improve its digestion. It has the necessary fiber that makes food digestion easier. For a long time, pumpkins have been used to help cure diarrhea and constipation in humans and can do the same trick with pets. A few days ofWhy Pumpkin Is So Good For Your Dog feeding your pet with its seeds will help avert this health hazard. It is advisable to mix desirably with other foods that the pet likes. Some dogs may not like the taste of it.  Make sure that it is 100% pure pumpkin.

Preventing furballs

Feeding you pet a teaspoon of pumpkin each day will greatly help prevent furballs in your cat. No one likes cleaning furballs especially when deep in carpets. Including in the diet will help move it easily through the digestive tract to the litter box. Continued usage will help prevent their formation in the first place. It shouldn’t be a big problem to feed her as the color and scent will naturally attract. You can with some of her desirable tastes if she initially turns her nose on it. You don’t want to be dragging furballs here and there to the litter box.

Better nutrition

Top benefits of pumpkins to your pet is the nutritional value. Both its flesh and seeds contain numerous amounts of vitamins and minerals that are needed for healthy living. These include Potassium, Magnesium, iron, vitamin A, zinc, manganese and even copper. You will also find antioxidants that are important to cleanse body cells for fresher and younger look. Just don’t make it eat too much as a whole can of canned pumpkin is too much.

Finally, you may never understand what your pet is missing out on until your try it out. Pumpkins are known for their wide nutritional value and can have lots of other benefits especially for your dog. Try feeding your dog some seeds or flesh and see how glossy she will be in a few days.

Here is more information on pumpkin for your pet http://www.loveandkissespetsitting.net/is-pumpkin-good-for-my-dog/




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