Why Leave Your Pet Outside In The Cold Winter Months? I Just Don’t Understand…

Cold Winter Months

Why bring a dog into your home, when you are only going to leave it outdoors all the time?


I sit here sometimes and wonder to myself  ” Why do people who claim to love their pets, leave them outdoors all winter?”  I just don’t understand.  It really does bother me and my husband always tells me “That’s what some think is OK to do and you can’t save ALL the animals”  Well that is why I am writing this today.  I know for a fact that dogs get cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  Just like you and I do.  Yes, they may have fur coats to keep them warmer then you and I, but I just don’t  think that is right.



If you commit to getting a dog, you should consider him/her a family member.  Treat them with respect, give them a warm bed at night and open you home to the love a devotion that they will give you.  I know that some people will disagree with me and that is their opinion but again, I do not feel it is right.  I see way to many dogs in my home town here in Union County NC and that are left out all year long and it makes me very sad to see that.

Let them out during that day and then bring them in at night, I don’t think that is asking to much.  Open your heart and bring them inside at night, do not let them freeze in the cold winter months.  Even if you have to get a create to put them in at night.  That would be so much kinder than leaving out….

Dog house under stairs....



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