Why It Is Not a Good Idea Leaving Your Dog out All Day

Why it is not a good idea to leave your dog outside all day

Don’t leave your dog outside all day

Why It Is Not a Good Idea Leaving Your Dog out All Day

Why it is not a good idea to leave your dog out all day?  There are a number of reasons, irrespective of the fact that some dog owners prefer to leave their dog outside most of the time. The reasons they believe so varies, but none of them, in my opinion are worth it since none is really that good. Some dog owners may prefer to leave their dogs outside because they shed, and the owners may want to keep a clean home. Some other dogs could be locked out because of their bad or destructive behavior. Another reason why a dog can be left in the cold could be that someone in the house is allergic to them, and many other reasons.
The fact is that most dog owners who leave their pets outside, are those not putting enough effort into their pets. The reason why it is so easy for them to keep their pet outside could be probably because of their inability to socialize and train their dogs, or because they are having some expectation from their dogs that are not realistic.
Leaving your dog outside all day may cause the dog to result to some bad habits, which will make you want to do away with it. Overtime, some dogs that are left outside start to show aggressive behavior or become unnecessarily hostile, some of such signs include barking endlessly, chewing furniture and other household items, and destructive digging.
Dogs that are left all alone in the yard often lack physical exercise and mental stimulation, which can make them look for ways to fill their time and use up energy. Dogs, by nature, are scavengers and hunters, which means they are design in such a way to spend much of their time in search of food. Since dogs are also bred for some unique purposes such as herding, companionship and hunting. If they are left outside for a long period of time, they would use the energy naturally meant to search for food or other specific-breed tasks in manner their owners may not find interesting, such as barking unnecessarily.
Dogs that have been bred for the purpose of companionship suffer when they are separated from their owners, with whom they are supposed to be near at all times. This separation can cause distress and behavior related to anxiety.
Generally, leaving your dog outside depends on its temperament; for instance, if your dog displays distress or destructive behavior. Some dogs may be satisfied with being left outside frequently during the day to enjoy the warmth of the sun or play in the snow. However, you should be sensitive to weather conditions as many dogs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures.
It may be fine to leave your dog unattended for brief periods, as long as it is not showing any behavioral, stress or anxiety issues. However, most dogs prefer to be inside the house with their owners to enjoy a comfortable environment. 




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  1. M. Burrows

    I need to let my neighbor read this. She has been leaving her two Yorkies out all day for the last 6 months because she and her husband are doing some sort of home renovation. The smaller dogs bark and rush my fence and make my dogs bark when I let them out every 3-4 hours. Now another neighbor complains to the HOA about my dogs’ barking.


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