Why Is My Cat Peeing On Everything?


I get Lots of calls from my pet sitting clients here in Indian Trail asking me “Why is my cat peeing on everything”.  I wanted to write this blog to give you some tips to help prevent your cat from urinating on everything in hopes that it may help you.

Took in a young stray female tortie cat this week. And she is peeing EVERYWHERE. On my couch, on my bed two days in a row (while I was sleeping in it) in my daughters bed last night. Is there not sure if shes just lazy or marking her area. I can not tolerate waking up soaked in cat urine and have her peeing all over my furniture, I don’t want to put her back outside the area is bad for animals getting ran over and its getting cold outside. Any thoughts on how I can stop her from urinating on us and all my furniture?

Some tips that may help or may not…you should have a litter box for as many cats a as you have plus one extra. So say you have two cats you should have at least three litter boxes. You could try keeping her food in the places she is inappropriately urinating as cats don’t like to potty where they eat. I have done that for a problem cat and it worked. You could also try a pheromone product suck as feliway which is one I have tried and it works well it helps keep cats calm and they seem to respond well to it. You could take a urine sample to your vet just to make sure it isn’t an infection as sometimes they will potty outside the box in these cases. They also make some litters to help attract your cat to want to go in the box. Just a few different things to try out.

Sometimes urinating outside of the box is a sign of a urinary infection. I would get her to the vet. When they have an infection, the urge to go is sometimes immediate, and they just go without taking the time to get to the litter box.

 You might have to either cage or confine him to a small room. The cage approach works best because if there is just enough room for a bed, water, food, and the litter box, your cat will be forced to use the box. As confused as he may be at first, cats have strong instincts. When forced with a choice, she will realize quickly which spaces are for sleeping and eating and which are not.




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