Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

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Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Why hire a professional pet sitter?  I have the perfect story to answer that question.  I have to laugh sometimes when people say “oh, you are a pet sitter?’  Yes, I am a professional pet sitter, who is there for people’s pets when they leave town and want to know that their pet is being cared for in a professional manner.  I have to tell you a story about a client of mine who told me she thought she would never use a pet sitter.

Mrs. XYZ called me one afternoon frantic ” YOU HAVE TO COME TODAY TO MEET ME AND FIDO”  ” Why the rush?”  “Well, my neighbor’s daughter was going to care for our pet and she just called me saying she got an invitation from her friends family to go away for the weekend and now WE HAVE NO ONE TO CARE FOR OUR PET AND WE LEAVE IN 2 DAYS!!!”  Of course, I went that afternoon and met with them…She is now a long time client and says “she will never trust anyone to be there only the “PROFESSIONAL”… Yes, we are the professionals and we do this for a living.  I have heard this so many times.

Here is some food for thought…  Does the kid down the block know what to look for if your pet is ill?  Did he ask you to sign a release form so he/she can take your pet to the vet?  What if he loses the key to your house?  All these things can happen.

When Love and Kisses Pet Sitting says they will be there to care for your pets, They will. Why? Well, we are Professional Pet Sitters.  This is what we do FOR A LIVING.  I personally could not sleep at night knowing a dog or cat is left alone, without being cared for.  When we are assigned to your pet, we know how many visits your pet needs and when they last “did their business or did not do their business”  We will not leave until we know that your pet is comfortable.

I had one of my sitters call me and say “Maureen, Fido has not pooped and I don’t want to leave him if he has to go potty.  I know he has to go because he ate this morning and has not gone yet.”  It was the last visit of the day.  She knew what to do, she took him for another walk to make sure and BINGO, Fido did his business and everyone was happy.  We do not just check in and let the dog in and then out.  We feed your pet.  We walk your dog.  We play with your dog/cat.  We make sure your pet is going potty.  We make sure your pet is looking healthy, happy and content.

What if your neighbor or friend is caring for your pet and he/she is in an accident or gets sick and can not go take care of your pet????  The professional always has a backup sitter to be there if something happens to them and we tell you that up front.  You always need a backup plan.  Professionals think of everything.  As an added bonus, we are also caring for your home.  We rotate your lights and bring in your mail.  We even will water your plants.

I could go on and on here with stories of some of the client calls and what that person has been through but I think you get it.

So YES, I am a Professional Pet Sitter and I am the one you should call to care for your pets when you leave town and want to leave with no worries about your pet. Your pet will get the love and attention they deserve. Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting today or all your pet sitting and dog walking needs.

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