Another Great Reason To Hire A Professional Pet Sitter.

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One Good Reason To Always Hire a Professional Pet Sitter!!

Why should you hire a professional pet sitter?  I am going to share with you a lesson learned to NEW clients of mine.  I received a call from a client last month, she asked me the usual questions such as “are you available to pet sit on such and such a day”, ” How does it all work”, and “how much do you charge?”  I answered all her questions as always and asked her if she would like to set up her meet and greet.  She told me she would get back to me.  I told her ok and I look forward to speaking with her again.-

Fast forward to this morning…

A very upset woman called me this morning crying and telling me how she wishes she would have used a “professional pet sitter”.  She said she thought it would be just fine to have a friend care for her dog and cat while she was out of town for a long weekend and that she was only going to charge her $10 a visit.  The women told me she regretted it and said “I wish I could take that day back”  I asked her what happened?   She told me when she returned home from her long weekend away that her cat was locked in the master bedroom and the “friend” never even looked for the cat (knowing very well that she had a cat and a dog).  The client also told me that the dog was never fed and only let out.  The friend told her that she forgot all about putting food out and only thought she wanted to dog let out 2 times day.

The cat was in the master bedroom for 4 long days with no food or water.  The women had to bring the cat to the veterinary for dehydration and almost did not make it.  Thank God the cat is ok but the client had to spend a heck of a lot more money than she would have paid for a professional pet sitter who would not have let this happen.

The dog was STARVING when she got home and when she asked the “friend” if she fed him she told her OH MY GOSH!!!  I forgot and only thought about letting the dog out.  Could you imagine this poor dog and cat not eating for 4 days?  The dog was getting water because she had a big bowl of water (which was empty when she arrived home) but the “friend” only let the dog in and out and never thought about FEEDING THE DOG!!

These are the things I hear all the time from clients about having “friends” care for their pets.  You really need to hire the professional and let them care for your pets.  If something did go wrong we would know what to look for.   We double check out notes and go over everything 2 and 3 times to make sure it is done correctly.  We have backup pet sitters in place, we have a program in place where we know when each visit was completed.  We have access to vets and emergency contacts.  We really do know what we are doing.  Why would you have a kid next door or a friend who really just wants to help you out and but really do not want to do these things because they have enough going on in their own lives? Besides the fact that they have NO INSURANCE and are NOT BONDED.  Call a professional that has insurance and is bonded and know what to look for if your pet is sick, one that knows to rotate your lights to make your home look lived in and will do all the things on your list.

The veterinary bill was well over $1,000 and the poor women had 2 sick animals on her hands to deal with after a much-needed vacation.

Again, I hear these stories all the time but just wanted to share this with you all to let you know that saving a few buck could end up costing you a heck of lot more.  Why wouldn’t you want to go away with peace of mind knowing your pets are cared for by a professional that really does know what they are doing?  This is why you should hire a professional pet sitter!!

If you live in Union County NC Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting for all your dog walking and pet sitting needs anytime you need a professional.  704-763-9857 or use the tab below to schedule your meet and greet.

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  1. Aimable Cats

    The longest I have left my Parker alone is one night. Most of the times I leave town, I am going to my parents’ farm, so I can take her with me. The other time, I did not plan in time to find a sitter, so I boarded her at the vet. It seemed to go reasonably well. On the morning I picked her up, she started meowing when she heard my voice down the hall and did not stop until she was safely out of the carrier at home. She got to sit in the exam room overnight and the day that the office was closed to clients, but she would have preferred a more familiar (and a softer) environment.


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