Why Hire A Pet Sitter?


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Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

Are you a cat or dog owner? Do you wish you could take a vacation without having to bring your pets,
or beg your family members and friends to take care of them? If so, then you should hire a pet sitter! A
pet sitter’s job entails making regular visits to your house to care for your animals while you are away
from home.
There are many benefits to hiring a pet sitter.
 It allows pets to stay at home-Rather than being forced to adjust to new surroundings; your
pets remain where they feel safest and most comfortable.
 The needs of your pets are met-Nobody wants to think about feeding, dog walking, grooming,
and other necessary pet care tasks while they are in the middle of sightseeing. A pet sitter
relives you of these duties by taking these responsibilities for you.
 Your pet will experience interaction-Assuming pet sitters are in the business because they love
animals, they will give your dog or cat personal attention. Since pet sitters are experienced with
animals, they understand how your furry friends like to be treated. No animal under a pet
sitter’s care should suffer from loneliness.
 You escape the hassle of traveling with your pet-You know how difficult and tiring traveling can
be for you; now imagine how your dog or cat must feel! Save your pets the stress by having a
pet sitter come to them instead of bringing your pets with you.
 It keeps your dog or cat away from other animals-If your pets come into contact with other
animals while traveling, they may pick up certain health problems from those other animals. Or
maybe your pets are aggressive towards other animals and won’t react well to them. Leaving
your dog or cat at home with a pet sitter avoids these problems.
 It brings you peace of mind-Knowing that your pet is being properly looked after should rid any
concerns you might have about your animal. Due to their expertise, pet sitters are perfectly
capable of caring for your dog or cat.
 You don’t have to ask for help-Don’t bother your family, friends, or neighbors about taking care
of your pet. They may not even like animals! Instead, hire someone who is passionate about
animals and won’t consider the job a burden.
 Even your home is safer-Burglars are less likely to break into a house where there is activity
going on.

A pet sitter’s service benefits both you and your pets. Your beloved animals will be loved on and
taken care of, you won’t have to continue your responsibilities as pet owner during your vacation,
and you also won’t have to worry about your pet’s well-being while you are gone. If you are
planning a trip somewhere, make sure to hire a pet sitter for your four-legged family members.

If you are in Union County NC, Give Love and Kisses Pet Sitting a call.  We are professional, loving pet sitters here to help you with all your pet sitting/dog walking needs.




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