Why Does My Cat Like to Nibble or Bite Me?


Why Does My Cat Like to Nibble or Bite Me?

Can you figure out this? You are playing with your cat or enjoying a cup of coffee deep into a chilly night while enjoying some quality time with your cat and out of nowhere the feline suddenly gives you a little nip. Ouch! Given the fact that cats come with razor sharp pair of teeth this common behavioral habit can be distressing especially to new pet owners who are not getting used to it and more so when it bites with no reason at all.


Cat bites are fairly a common behavior and can be remedied so, don’t get stressed or distress the cat, you may be wondering whether that was a playful act, a love bite or just a way your cat is trying to communicate to you. Figuring out what exactly that act meant can be a challenge however if you didn’t like it next time don’t react by hurling insults or hitting, saying a firm NO! Will serve best to distract it from such behavior in the future. So, exactly why do cats like to nibble or bite on you?

Things may not be working the right way.

If this habit is not occasional and just a new development it could be an implication that something is wrong. The nibble or bite could actually be a form of communication, properly the cat might be telling you that he/she is pain or hurting somewhere and require quick medical interventions.This case usually happens for newly adopted cats, especially those who are from the animal shelter where they are locked in small cages. – Marian P. McClure, Authority & Blogger at https://catthink.com


Other than communicating distress cat bites nibbling or gentle licking could be a way to show love or affection. During grooming mother cat show love and affection to its young one through nibbling little insignificant bites or licks, this way your cat could be showing some love just the way the mum did it. This can be described simply just as a love bite.


The pet could be biting you as a form of play, usually, cats nibble and lick as part of their play some felines may extend the limits during the play since they didn’t learn the boundaries at a young age. This could be due to the fact that most of the cats are orphaned at a young age. They often don’t get much time to learn from mother kitten on setting the limits between play and serious business. When playing it’s advised that you don’t use your bare hands or feet in your play.


Pain as a result of injuries or sickness can make your cat too aggressive, biting is a natural defensive measure feline animals use on such occasions to cover up their weakness. So if you notice this sudden change better look for the problem and have it addressed by the vet nary.

Out of boredom

Cats have a lot of inbuilt energy without viable means to release it, so after laying by themselves the whole day without anything or anybody to play with when you arrive in the evening they will definitely engage in some playful acts and occasionally biting your fingers or nail just to keep themselves busy.





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