Why Does My Dogs Itch So Much?

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Why Does My Dog Itch So Much?

I have two dogs: English Bulldog 1 and Boxer/Lab mix (maybe a little pit) 2.5. The boxer mix has been eating Pedigree for about a year or so. In the warmer months, she would be very itchy and chew her backend up to the point of no hair and bleeding and just in a few short hours of us not being home. She did not have fleas. When we transitioned our bulldog off puppy food to Pedigree, we noticed she started itching as well. I really hate that I didn’t put this together before now, but we figured they were allergic to something in Pedigree. We switched to Iams Lamb and rice. I read that it takes several weeks for the other food to leave their system. It has been about a month on their new food. All though the itching has gotten better, it’s still there. I haven’t seen any fleas until just the other day and we took the steps to remove and keep them away. Do they just need more time for the food to leave their system or is there something I can do? I give them baths maybe 2 times a month in oatmeal shampoo. That doesn’t really help. I hate seeing them suffer especially the bigger dog. We have to put an E-Collar on her when we leave to keep her away from her back side. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is the Iams grain free? 99% of the issues I’ve seen with Pedigree is related to the fact that it is VERY grain-heavy. Also if the pups are bulldogs, allergies are very common for them. You can using Benadryl to combat some of the itching (1mg/pound is the right dosage for dogs…pills are usually 25mgs but check the packaging) while they’re healing up. I would also recommend purchasing some gentle baby wipes and wiping your dogs feet/belly each time they come in from outside, in case it is a grass allergy. That sound help it from getting worse.

May also be allergic to grass. Very common in bulldogs to itch so much. But I am sure most people are going to say to switch to a grain free food. I never used pedigree for any of my adult dogs.  If neither of the dogs are related you should think of environment to be the cause. Try only bathing once a month and only use dawn dish soap. It is the safest. Hartz brands and other convenient store brands can cause a lot of issues for the animals. Too many chemicals.

Adding fish oil pills or small amounts of olive oil can also help with dry itchy skin and  coconut oil helps as well.

I would also take them off ALL GRAINS. Going grain free may really help the issue.  If nothing here helps then you really need to see your veterinarian 



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