Why Do People Leave Their Dogs Outside ALL THE TIME????

dog left outside in rain

 Why Do People Leave Their Dogs Outside ALL THE TIME

As I drive throughout the different neighborhoods in Union Co NC, I see so many dogs left outside in the hot summer months and the freezing winter months and it just breaks my heart.  I don’t understand how people can sit in their homes and have a nice warm meal and see their pets outside in harsh weather.  There is a dog that I see ALL the time in a small fenced in area just staring at his house with his family indoors and it just kills me.  I want to go and knock on the door and ask WHY?  Why are you doing this to this poor little dog.  If you cant keep a dog in your home why in the world would you have one?

There is one dog that used to be chained up to a big tree for a very long time until a friend of mine got in touch with UNCHAINED DOG.  She was able to provide a fenced in area and a dog house with straw in the ground. The family was very grateful and I think that is wonderful however, I still don’t get it.  Bring your pet indoors when it is too hot or cold outside.  How would you like to out in that weather ALL day ALL night long.

I pet sit for a family in Waxhaw NC.  I go their home everyday Monday thru Friday and  the family next door to them had one dog that was in a fenced in area and had a dog house. One day I went out in the yard  and noticed that they now have 2 dogs.  Do they think that that is OK.  Now 2 dogs have to live out there in the cold wintery months and the hot summer months.  Last week as I went out to the yard, on this rainy cold day I looked over and saw both dogs lying in a puddle of mud.  Yes, red clay mud.  I just stood there and had tears in my eyes for these poor dogs that looked so sad.

These dogs get no human interaction, No love and attention.  Just a bucket of water and food thrown in a bowl to eat.  I just can not stand to see this anymore. I would love to be able to help all these dogs and would love to see and end this.  The law here says it’s OK.  I say it is NOT OK to leave your pet out 24/7.   Have a heart people WAKE UP AND STOP TREATING YOUR PETS WITH THIS UNKIND BEHAVIOR.

I would love to hear from others on how you feel about this.  Please leave your comments below.




  1. Dawn

    As an avid rescuer and also a fellow pet sitter, I see this a lot! I see it as a teaching opportunity. While we tread a fine line, I also feel it is important to make sure owners are aware of the implications of leaving a dog outside. Someone could steel the dog, the dog can become ill, aggressive, etc. If the dogs look like they are not being cared for properly, contact Dogs Deserve Better. They deal with chained dogs. I don’t know what the laws are in your state, but it might be worth checking into.

  2. Toni

    people leave dogs outside because they don’t care, in NC this is how they treat animals…..I truly believe they get off by being mean to animals…..there are no laws to protect any animal in NC. It’s a sorry ass state. I have contacted everyone I could to help dogs that are outside with no food, water and chained……all I get is “if you don’t mind your own business….we will burn your house down or kill your dog” That’s the culture here.

  3. Linda Moore

    This past summer my neighbor had a dog removed from his property due to no license and shots not to mention the conditions (her collar was so tight it was embedded in her neck) the poor thing went through. So now he has a new puppy……outside, in the snow, chained, no fence, and it gets lose all the time. So now the puppy can get hit by a car!! When will it end or do I have to move!? I think it is so cruel the way some people treat all animals. SO SAD!!!~

  4. Jill Schmitt

    I firmly believe that owning a dog to place in your backyard to live out it’s entire life with next to no human interaction should be illegal. I don’t care if they have one or ten dogs. Domesticated dogs were bred to be mans best friend. Dogs crave human interaction! And the argument that their animals and prefer the outdoors, well sure the wide open country to roam! Not a enclosed yard for their 9-14 year of life. Makes me sick and it needs to stop!

    • Nancy Vuong

      Thank you for caring and wanting to take action. I support you 110% percent on what you’re advocating. I also don’t understand why people have a dog when they don’t have time to commit to it. Why have a dog if you are not going to spend quality time with it, socialise it,, play with it or love it. Why???? I believe there should be stronger laws out there to protect our domesticated animal friends. Not just laws but immediate action can be taken. I wish I could steal all these dogs and rehome them – they deserve so much more.


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