Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones? 

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?

Dogs love to bury their possessions so it’s not uncommon to find a bone or toy buried under some dirt in your backyard. The question is – Why do dogs bury things? The answer is that dogs have their main instinct to keep their possessions protected and to make sure nobody else can steal from them. Nowadays dogs are domesticated and don’t need to rely on themselves for survival, however, their ancestors were not so lucky.

Years ago dogs used to roam the World in packs, just like wild Wolves do nowadays. They had to hunt for themselves and store food to ensure they could survive. When they killed their prey it was crucial that they stopped other animals from stealing their prize. Therefore they came up with the idea of burying it to keep it safe and protected.

By burying their bones and carcasses the dogs were basically creating a natural refrigerator for them. The dirt covering them prevented other animals from smelling and finding their food. It also contributed to keeping their food fresh as it was away from the sunlight.

Why do dogs still bury bones and other possessions nowadays even though they’re domesticated? There are actually a few different reasons as to why they still do it. First of all, it is their instinct. Even though your dog knows it will be fed by the owner, it still has the instinct to make sure it will survive. Secondly, it could be because you are feeding your dog too much. If your dog has had too much to eat it might bury it to store it for later. Dogs think it’s a great idea to store bones and food so they can come back in a few days to a nice treat.

Another common reason for your dog to bury their bone is simply because they are bored and seeking attention. If you see your dog burying a bone it might be a good idea to go over and play with them for a short while. If you don’t they will start stealing items they know are valuable to you. By doing this they know they will grab your attention Very clever creatures

When you see your dog burying a bone try giving it some attention to curb the temptation. If your dog continues to dig in the backyard it might be a good idea to speak to your vet just in case they are attracted to any hazardous chemicals on the grass. This is also a possible reason why they are digging outside a lot and you’re better to be safe than sorry.

Your dog isn’t deliberately annoying you and it certainly isn’t stupid! Digging bones is part of their natural instinct so they will always do it no matter how domesticated they become in the future. Some dogs might do it more than others depending on their personality so don’t worry if your dog is doing it a lot more often than your neighbors! Remember to hide your cell phone before it goes missing.

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