Where Are All The Dogs And Cats In The Town of Stallings NC? Indian Trail Pet Sitter Wants to Know!!

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I was thinking about all my clients today and about how many clients I have acquired over the years of being in this professional pet sitting and dog walking business.  I must say I have come to love many of my clients and their pets. It feels like you are all in my extended family in a way.  Then I started to wonder where all the clients are in the Town of Stallings? I know there must be so many dogs and cats in the Town of Stallings but I have to say I only have a handful of them.

So my question is “Where are all the dogs and cats in the Town of Stallings?”  What do all the people in the Town do with their pets when they need go work long hours or go away on vacation?  I want you all to know that Love and Kisses Pet Sitting does service the Town of Stallings and we always have.

I am writing this to let you know that if you live in Stallings and you have not tried out our service yet, you should really give us a call so we can help you with all your pet sitting needs.  We are the professionals and love to care for your pets when you can not be there.  We send you pictures and also can text you to let you know how things are going with your pets.

So what are you waiting for give Love and Kisses Pet Sitting and Dog walking a call.  You can thank me later.  Be sure to spread the word to all your friends and family that have pets and live in any of the surrounding areas.  We would love to hear from them too.

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