What You Should Know About Fleas and Ticks for This Summer

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

What You Should Know About Fleas and Ticks for This Summer

Summer appears to be the most difficult time for pet. Apart from having to deal with the heat, they also have fleas and ticks to contend with. The arrival of the summer is synonymous with fleas and ticks, because of the high temperature which favors eggs hatching and larvae. They are usually invasive in nature and sometimes aggressive. Without causing any irritation and discomfort to your pet, the attack of fleas on dogs and cats can lead to anemia, malaise, fever, apathy and loss of weight, and in some cases can lead to death in weakened animals.

Fleas are also responsible for weakening the animal’s coat. They cause skin diseases like dermatitis irritation at the site of bite, forming pustules and lesions due to scratching and biting by the pet. They also produce allergic dermatitis as flea saliva contains a histamine-like substance which causes crusted lesions, seborrheic disorders, hair loss and damaging resulting from licking and scratches. These lesions often confuse pet owners who think that their pet may be experiencing a mange or ringworm since they can be similar symptoms.

In addition, transmitted fleas bacteria can damage the membrane of red blood cells especially in cats and release hemoglobin, causing the cat infectious anemia. The lack of oxygen normally carried by the blood causes the cat to have difficulty in breathing, yellowing of eyes and gums, and may even die if treatment is delayed.

When your pets have been affected by fleas and ticks, what you need to do is to give your dog, but not your cat a bath. Cats do not need frequent bathing. When you give your dog bath, it will rid them of fleas. To do this, you will need a plain dog shampoo. Avoid using a flea shampoo so that you
will not double the dose of your pet. When your dog is clean and dry after bathing, apply some fleas and ticks drops to its skin, following the instructions to the later.

After bathing your dog, what you want to do next is wash all its bedding materials. Every curtain, towel, sheet, cover, and couch will also need to be washed. Leaving all the items in a hot dryer for about 15 – 20 minutes is enough to eliminate all fleas, with any larvae or eggs that may be there. It is advisable to start up this process before bathing your pet. Once everything is washed and dried, thoroughly vacuum your rug and couches. You can also use a hand held fleas and ticks house spray to spray all closets and corners in your house.

The next thing you would want to do is to use a yard and kennel fleas and ticks spray to spray the environment where you pet occupies with the runs and yard inclusive. Make sure that every other area in your house is kept clean.

Summarily the best way to treat your pets when affected with fleas and ticks is to treat the pet, its environment and also, your house. By doing this, there will be no favorable environment for the fleas and ticks to live and breed. Remember that the treatment include your pet, its environment and your house.




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