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Dog Leashes

Many pet owners enjoy a walk through the neighborhood with their dogs. Dog care is not complete without the knowledge of dog leashes. Leashes have been used in all ages to control dogs and also ensure their safety. Leashes can also be used for both training and everyday purpose. Therefore, in purchasing a dog leash, you must first determine the purpose, to which it must be used, and then purchase a size and material suitable for your dog.

Types of Leashes

Standard Leashes Theses leashes are the commonest and are basically for everyday training. They come in leather and nylon form. The nylon types can have a reflective strip for safety purpose when walking at night or very early in the morning. Their length is typically 4-8 feet and the 6 feet one is most idea.

Standard leashes come in diverse textures, colors, and also in single or double leash style. Both hands are required on the leash for leash training; one through the looped end and the other at the middle of the lead. This enables you to keep the right placement of the dog-training collar on your dog’s neck, which should be below the ears. Inappropriate collar placement can result in damage to your dog, especially during the early stages of dog leash training.

Adjustable Leashes

These leashes are similar to the standard leashes. They have several loops along the length of the leash which favors clasping of the leash according to any given situation. The different lengths of leash are particularly useful while training. These types of leashes are specifically useful when tying a dog to a pole briefly. Dogs in such positions should not be left unattended to.

Bicycle Dog Leash

This is specially designed for dog owners who enjoy taking their pet for a daily ride. The leash is an aluminum tube coated with plastic cable running through the tube, extending out of the tube and ending a couple of feet to allow for easy movement of your dog. One end is connected to the bike while the other to your dog’s collar giving a safe distance between your bike and your dog.

Retractable Dog Leashes

These have become quite popular in the last few years. They contain a nylon band that is up to 26 feet in length and can be retracted into a plastic case with handle. The leash can be pulled back to any desired length. This is similar to a measuring tape. These leashes have their best uses for dogs that have already been trained to walk on a standard leash, and in an open area where your dog can have the freedom to explore while still safely attached to a leash should the unexpected occur. We are Love and Kisses Pet Sitting are NOT fan of the Retractable dog leash at all.  We fell that it is very easy to loose control of the pet as they have to much freedom on this lease.

Martingale Leash

They are sometimes referred to s the “show-leash” because they are the dog leash choice for many show dog handlers while in the ring. They are known as the all-in-one collar and leashes because of the benefit of a choke collar eliminating the possibility of choking, and a leash suitable for walking or jogging. The collar part slips over the head of your dog and tightens round the neck, but not enough to choke when the leash is pulled. They are great choice for those who like to jog with their dog running along while ensuring their security.

It is obvious from the above that dog leashes play an important role in the life of your dog. The decision of having multiple dog leashes to fit a particular lifestyle is up to each pet owner, as there is a dog leash to meet every demand.

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