What Type Of Cat Litter Should You Choose for Your Kitty?

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Cat Litter Types

It is easy to teach cats how to be clean in the house by using a litter tray. It is not usually necessary to teach Kittens how to use litter tray. Almost all kittens have learned this from their mother. You can also assist by simply showing the kitten the litter tray and everything else should just follow. Make sure the cat litter is kept clean and placed in a quiet place. Cats are exceptionally neat animals and if the litter tray is not clean, they may have to use other places in the house as a toilet.

It is usually the cat that decides the type of cat litter to use, and not you. You can admire and want a particular cat litter because of its qualities, but if a cat does not use it, then the aim will be defeated. There are different types of cat litter to choose from, some examples are discussed below:

Clay-Based Litter

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This was the first type of cat litter introduced commercially and it still remains the most expensive of all types of litters. Clay-based litter requires daily removal of solid waste. The whole of the litter box will need to be cleaned and refilled more than often as with other types of litter. Clay litter absorbs liquid waste and odors. This may not be a good choice if a cat has allergies since dust can be a problem as the pet scratches in the litter box. Though, there are available dust-free formulas to choose from.

Clumping Litter

Clumping litter forms large clumps when it comes in contact with the moisture waste from Cat. The large clumps can be scooped and disposed from the box, without disturbing the rest of the litter. Fresh litter is then added to the litter box to replace the one that was disposed. This type of litter can be convenient, but the only bad side to it is that, it may cause problems if a pet swallows any of it since moisture can make it clump together. This type of cat litter is available in scented, unscented, flushable and non-tracking forms.

Silica-Based Litter

The main components of this type of cat litter are sand and water. The Crystals are designed in such a way that it can absorb odors. Solid waste should be removed from the litter box, while the liquid waste is absorbed by the granules. Silica-based litters are biodegradable, they can easily decompose. Paper Cat Litter This type of cat litter is made from pellets or recycled paper, and it is fast becoming a popular cat litter. It is a highly absorbent paper cat litter, biodegradable and light weighted. The paper cat litter can also be flushed in small amounts to a main based waste system.

Wood Cat Litter

This type of cat litters is also biodegradable. They are usually made from recycled wood and sustainable forest systems. Cat litters made from softwood are highly absorbent and have natural odor control, so does not require chemicals to be added. When using any type of cat litter, it is important to always keep the litter box clean. Failure to do this will result in the cat not using the litter box and depositing waste in any part in the house.

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