What To Look For In A Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter. Indian Trail Pet Sitter Gives You Advise

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What to look for when hiring a pet sitter or dog walker, below are some tips and considerations to keep in mind when you interview, and ultimately hire one:

Your pet sitter or dog walker should be able to  communicative with you. They should  have surely have had experience with dogs before, and the longer they have lived with dogs, not just walked them, the better.  You will be able to tell how real their experience is with dogs when you can see how they connect with your dog.  Just watch when they arrive for the meet and greet how they are with your pet.

Watch them interact with your dog. Every dog has their own personality and temperament – all are important factors to consider when you try to match your dog and their Walker.  Don’t be disappointed if there isn’t chemistry, it just means you need to keep looking.  The first signs will be the ones you should pay the most attention to: does your dog feel comfortable with this person?  Is your dog shying away, acting aggressive, or giving you any indications that their gut is telling them to stay away from that person?  Most animals read people very well.  The rest of getting the feel for the sitter is up to you!!

Observe how the Dog Walker presents himself to your dog. Is he coming down to their eye level? Is he reaching out to let the dog meet them, sniff them, and showing the dog that he is not a threat to them?  What tone of voice are they using with your dog?  Dogs respond to humans with that special kind of voice we use with babies too. Try it, in any language: that’s how they distinguish that you are talking to them and not to someone else.  It’s related to their hearing and the pitch of the sound, and as animals we have domesticated for centuries, it’s the primary they have developed to communicate with us.



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