What Should I Feed My New Kitten?


 What should I feed my new kitten?

So, you got a new little baby kitten and you and not sure what and when to feed him.  Below are few important factors to consider when you feed your kitten.

Kittens require a lot of fat and calories to grow at a normal pace.  Until your kitten reaches adult size, which can happen between 7-12 months of age, it is best to feed them a high quality diet that is formulated for kittens, and as much of it as they want.  If your kitten starts to become a bit fat, then you can start to measuring the cats food. 

Feeding you kitten a good label food does make a big difference in your kitten’s growth and nutrition.    Expensive food  does not always mean high quality.  Look for kitten foods that are meat based with high protein and fat levels. You can check with your vet to see what they suggest you feed your kitten.

It is a good idea to feed them both dry and moist food on a regular basis.  One way to do this is to feed them moist food once or twice daily, and leave dry food out for them to snack on in between.  Kittens also do best with routine, so set up a feeding schedule that will work for you 7 days a week, and stick to it.  Never feed your kitten first thing when you get up in the morning unless you want a furry little alarm clock 365 days a year.

 Kittens are very food motivated, so treats can used to help train them however, its best to stick with just their regular feeding schedule.

Always make sure that your new kitten has plenty of access to fresh water at all times.  Cats don’t normally drink lots of water, they tend to get the moisture out of their wet food.  If you feed only dry kibble, they will not get any moisture from that so they will need to have fresh clean water daily.  That  is another reason why it is good to feed your kitten moist food, because it contains about 70% moisture.



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