What to Do With Your Pets When You Go on Vacation


What to Do With Your Pets When You Go on Vacation


If you are going on vacation at some point you must choose to take your pet with you or leave them at home. Although pets are allowed in some hotels, many do not have a pet policy. If you are intending to visit a public place you cannot take your pet with you, they simply would not have the accommodations. Plus if you happen to find a pet-friendly hotel, they would be cooped up in the hotel room for several hours all alone.

Consequently, you might rely on family or friends to pet sit your animal, with their busy lifestyle that could result in some bad feelings. Your other choice would be to take your pup or cat to a boarding kennel; they have become popular and are springing up in smaller towns. They will see to it your animal is let out to play and given the attention, they need throughout your trip.

For those of you who have never taken your pet to a kennel, you are most likely nervous. Here are a few suggestions to help look for a kennel you will be comfortable leaving your dog or cat at when you go on vacation.

Go inspect the premises, stop in unannounced and see the conditions the pets are boarded in. Watch the workers, monitor what they are doing; are they being rough with the animals? Or do they love working together with them?

Also notice if the facility is clean, you are able to often tell by looking around and by the smell. If it smells terrible certainly one of two problems have vacationoccurred, they just do not keep a clean kennel or the pets just determined to potty at exactly the same time. If the latter is true the workers ought to be scurrying to get the mess cleaned up fast. If it will help you to feel better seek advice from the local health department and ensure the facility is currently in their inspections.

Some pet kennels have luxurious accommodations for a greater price so be aware. Make sure you know exactly what services your pet will have. Find out if your animal may possibly have a mattress or dog bed to rest on. Do they have an outdoor play area? Do they let cats outside or do they have an inside play area? Cats can jump fences very important to know if your cat is taken to boarding kennel.

Is it necessary to bring your own pet food? How many times do a day they feed your pets? Do they have a variety of food; what if the meals aren’t liked will they provide your pet with something different? Make a list of questions and take it with you when you visit.

A suggestion, if you have a trip coming up shortly and you’ve identified a boarding kennel. Have a couple sleepovers, simply take your dog in and let them stay all day or overnight. You might need to do this once or twice to get your pet acclimated to the kennel. While this may cost a few more dollars the peace of mind it can give you is priceless.

Other options:

Hire a professional pet sitter to come to your home and care for your pets when you go on vacation.  If you are in South Charlotte, call us!!vacation  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting 

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