What to Do If Your Dog or Cat Gets Bit By a Snake. Some Tips From Your Indian Trail Pet Sitter


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What to Do If Your Dog or Cat Gets Bit By a Snake

There are some occasions where pet owners have a terrible experience of a snake bite on their beloved pet. We know how horrible it may be, because it is a really bad experience. When you find yourself in this situation, you must act as fast as possible as you can if your must save the life of your dear pet.
Snakes take the life of many pets every year both in the spring and summer, most especially when there is enough sunlight because that is when they tend to come out since they are cold-blooded animals. Although, there are many poisonous snakes around us, but they are not the only ones that can endanger your pets’ life. When our pets are out and they see a snake, they tend to approach them out of curiosity and that is when the damage occurs. So what do we do when this happens? Read the tips below.
Snakes have venoms that are deadly. Although, it hardly cause death to humans when bitten, but it is very common for our pets; cat or dog to die from snake bite. This could be because of the great difference in weight and the immune system. Either ways, the loss of a beloved pet from a simple snake bite is always tragic.
Usually, when a snake bites your pet and deposit the toxins, the area that is bitten begin to swell and this can cause suffocation if bitten around the neck region. The toxin is then distributed throughout the entire body by the bloodstream, resulting to severe inflammation and damage to internal organs of the pet, especially the kidney.
When your pet is bitten by a snake, try and stay calm and not be agitated. This will help you be on top of the situation and take appropriate steps. It is important to examine the pet and locate where it was bitten. The area will normally have two inlets and possibly some blood (not in all cases). This task will help you verify that it is actually a snake bit and not an insect.
After confirming that it was actually a snake bite and not an insect, get hand soap and water to wash the wound superficially; not rubbing. It is also very important to stop the pet from physical activities so as to prevent the heart from beating faster, and stopping the toxin from circulating quickly through the bloodstream.
If possible, try with caution and capture the snake that bit your pet with a camera or even kill it. The picture or killed snake should be taken to the vet. Try to get to the vet as fast as possible. The veterinarian will administer corresponding treatment, typically consisting of anti-inflammatory, antibiotics and large amount of serum.
It is recommended that it does not exceed 30mins after your pet is bitten by a snake before your get to the vet for treatment. The earlier you get to the vet, the higher the chances of saving your pet’s life.
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