What To Do If You Think Your Dog Has Bloat.

What Bloat Means for your Dog 
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When you hear someone say they are bloated, it pales in comparison to what your dog would be experiencing if they underwent this painful diagnosis.  Bloat in your dog is not a pleasant thing nor will it pass.  What does it mean when your dog Bloathas bloat?  Your Indian Trail Pet Sitter investigated and here’s what we found out.
Air, fluid and or food fills your dog’s stomach.  As this enlargement grows it begins to put pressure on all of the organs.  When this occurs there are a variety of things that begin to happen within your pup.  Some of the symptoms are:
– labored breathing
– possible decrease in blood flows to vital organs
– pale gums
– weakness
– vomiting but nothing comes up (retching)
The cause of bloat is unknown however, there are definitely certain risk factors.  Some of the risk factors are:
– extreme exercise or play directly after eating
– dogs with more fearful, skittish temperaments
– the diet of dry food only
– stress
– eating to quickly
The only way this can be treated is via emergency surgery. This surgery is very dangerous and invasive. It is required in order to correct the stomach from its twisted position. There are no correlations to one dog being more susceptible to bloat versus another, however, vets do notice dogs with longer chests appear to be at a great risk.
If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, take your dog to the vet or emergency hospital immediately. Time is critical when this ailment strikes and it is extremely deadly.  Next time you visit with your vet, discuss bloat and the history of your pet.  Get the facts.  Stay alerted. 
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