What To Do If Your Dog Gets Bit By A Copperhead Snake.

Copperhead Snake

I read this article on Carolina Pets Vets Facebook page and knew I had to share with all my friends and family. Please remember if your dog or cat get bitten by a copperhead snake bring them to the Vet’s office right away!!!


More reptiles tend to surface when the weather is warm, including venomous Copperhead snakes which are native to the Carolina s.

In the event that your dog gets bitten, here are helpful tips regarding what to do, and what not to do:


  • Keep your pet calm, (you do not want to increase anxiety in your pet which increases their heart rate)
  • Leave the area untouched, (Copperhead bites are painful)
  • Seek veterinary care, (even if your pet seems fine at first, they may have complications from the bite and will benefit from pain medication)
  • Try to identify the snake, (if you are not familiar with different snakes, try to get a visual description and write it down for your veterinarian-do not attempt to handle the snake)
  • Remove your pet’s collar, (most bites occur in the muzzle area and can cause the face and neck to swell, making it difficult for your pet to breathe)

Do not:

  • Apply a tourniquet to a limb that has been bitten
  • Attempt to suck out the venom, (this is dangerous and ineffective)
  • Apply ice to the bite, (this can cause the vessels in the area to clench and can lead to death of the affected tissue)


Copperhead snakes are common in North Carolina and are venomous!!



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