What to Do if You Pet Goes Missing

What to Do if You Pet Goes Missing

What should you do if your pet goes missing?  You are in a frantic state to just realise that you beloved pet is missing.  You look everywhere and he is nowhere to be found.  The first thing you need to do is remain calm. Start calling out for him, post on your local neighborhood page and follow all the steps below.

Check on craigslist for lost pets.  Put out a piece of your clothing that has your scent on it near your home (pup may catch scent).  Make a flyer with picture.  Canvas your’s and nearby neighborhoods, vet offices and animal shelters and local rescues. Put a large sign outside your house with pictures What to Do if You Pet Goes Missingof the dog and large words “lost dog” so that if someone finds the dog and is driving around looking for his home they will spot your sign. Visit your local shelter and nearby shelters every day (do not just rely on calling).  Post on all social media sites that you can think of  and ask other to share your post.  Post on the site called next door for your neighborhood click here (it is kinda of new). If your pet is microchipped alert your microchip registration company of the lost pet.

I was on facebook about 6 months ago and read that someone’s lab was missing.  I looked at the dog’s picture and decided to jump in my car are search the nearby neighborhoods.  After about 2 hours of searching for the lost dog, it was getting dark out so I reached out to the woman on facebook and told her to leave her back gate open and put the dogs food and water bowl along with some of her clothes with her scent on them.  I was so happy to read on the facebook page that the dog was lying in his dog bed the very next morning.  I was overjoyed.

So if this should happen to your dog, just try your best stay calm and follow the steps listed above.


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