What to Add in a Dog’s Survival Kit For Emergencies

Dog's Survival Kit For Emergencies

What to Add in a Dog’s Survival Kit For Emergencies

There has been a definite increase in the number of disasters and emergencies people, in general, are facing nowadays. With this increase, the phrase ’emergency preparedness’ has become something of a buzzword. You have probably heard of people storing up goods and non-perishables so they are ready if a disaster occurs. Investing in go-bags and similar items.

Dog's Survival Kit For EmergenciesWhat happens to the family dog though? Dogs are a part of our family and we wouldn’t leave them stranded if we had to get out of our home or city because of an emergency, would we? With all of this in mind, Pooching Around, a website all about dogs and dog ownership, has drawn up an infographic pointing out the importance of having a Pet Survival Kit for Dogs and what you should include in it.

Water And Food

Similarly to the go-bags mentioned above for humans, Pooching Around suggests that you have at least three days worth of dog food in your pet survival kit. Tinned or canned is the best choice. In addition to the food, it is also recommended you store up a large water bottle that will last your furry friend a few days at least. It is likely that you could be on the road and move a lot, so portability is crucial, which is why they recommend investing in a collapsible or pop-up pet food bowl.

Extra Collar and Leash

You may be thinking to yourself ‘But I already have a perfectly good collar and leash’. That may be true, and perhaps they are very robust and durable in normal circumstances – that doesn’t mean they will stand up to the pressure they might be put through in a state of emergency. They may break more easily than they normally would, and the last thing you want in that kind of situation is your dog not on a leash, as you could become separated from them. Therefore, investing in an extra collar and leash will ensure you can keep them safe and close to you at all times.

Favorite Toy and Blanket

Not only humans suffer in stressful situations – dogs too are affected by stress, which is why you need to pack some things in your pet survival kit that will help calm your dog and make them feel comfortable, no matter what is happening. We suggest that a favorite blanket and toy are ideal, as the toy can be used not only for entertainment but to calm them and the blanket will smell of home and help them remain comfortable.

Medical Records and Important Contact Details

You need to consider the fact that you may be on the move and may not have access to the Internet or any other information services. This is why we think you should include a hard copy of contact details and addresses for vets and shelters. Although you may not be able to predict where you may have to escape to, if you make a list of all the vets and shelters in the wider surrounding area of your town, that should be enough initially.

Medical records are also important to pack, as are prescriptions and of course, any medications your dog currently takes.



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