What Not To feed Your Dog on Thanksgiving-Tips From Your Indian Trail Pet Sitter

What Not To Feed Your Dog on Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is obviously a time to be spent with your family and friends and the Thanksgiving table is an important part of the day. Everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite food and drink. However, if you care for a dog, you need to think carefully about what they can eat at Thanksgiving, as a lot of food that we all eat is not suitable for dogs, in fact, it can make them incredibly ill.

Everyone enjoys turkey at Thanksgiving but you need to make sure that it is not too fatty and that it is free from any small bones, as they can puncture a dog’s intestine or cause soft palate injuries. What is important is that you remove the skin before giving any turkey to your dog. The skin is very fatty, as it has usually been prepared with oils and butter. Dog’s find it incredibly hard to digest fat, and it can cause vomiting and abdominal pain. In severe cases, it can also cause pancreatitis. Dog’s can also eat chicken, but again you need to be careful about the very same reasons.

There are a few vegetables that dogs cannot eat. Onions, mushrooms, garlic, and leek are all unsuitable for dogs. Mushrooms can affect all of your dog’s organs and in some cases, it can be fatal. Onions and garlic are not safe for your dog as they can both cause toxic anemia. Therefore any food containing these vegetables, especially stuffing mixes, should not be given to your dog.
As already mentioned your dog’s digestive system cannot handle butter. Dogs also find gravy hard to digest, as it can cause severe diarrhea. So although mashed potato is okay to give to your dog, if it contains butter or gravy then you can’t give your dog any.
Cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce is safe to give to your dog, in small quantities, as long as it does not contain grapes or currants. Grapes, in particular, should be avoided as they can cause kidney failure.
Under no circumstances should you give your dog nuts, especially macadamia nuts or walnuts. They can cause a severe toxic reaction. This can result in your dog suffering from tremors, fever, vomiting and an elevated heart rate. Although symptoms will usually pass, a dog may suffer shock that may result in death.
Pumpkin and sweet potato are obviously staples of the Thanksgiving table and are safe for your dog?   However, if you have added nutmeg to them, then they are no longer safe. Nutmeg can severely affect the central nervous system and can cause seizures. In severe cases, it can cause death.
Chocolate is incredibly dangerous for your dog, and should not be given. But so is any dough-based food such as donuts. They can rise again in your dog’s stomach, causing bloating and severe pain.
If you are thinking of giving your dog a little alcohol to let them join in with the celebrations, then please don’t. Dog’s react in the same way that we do, they’ll get drunk, but unlike us, a small amount of alcohol can lead to coma or even death.

Dog’s are a big part of the family and should be involved in Thanksgiving. However, it is very important that you know what foods to avoid. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and keep your dog safe and well.

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