What Must You Do After a Dog Bite?

Unconditional love has been the most significant attribute of the squishy cute pets that make life a lot less stressful. A bite or a scratch by pet dogs leaves a lasting mark of love that kindles the urge to cuddle with them. But what happens when you get bitten deeper into the flesh, and it gets infected? Despite proper taming, even the most docile beings could go savage under unpleasant circumstances. Certain legal and medical remedies have to be adopted in such cases where the infection is likely to spread and affect your whole system. Even the most intense dog lovers are oblivious to these laws and antidotes to a severe dog bite.

1.    Medical Procedures

Since most of these attacks come uncalled and happen out of the blue, understanding the symptoms and the need for medical treatment to infected dog bites is highly crucial.

Symptoms of an Infection

  • Pain that would last longer than a day
  • Swelling, redness, and drainage of pus from the wound
  • Fever
  • Night sweats
  • Shaking
  • Moving the affected part of the body would be difficult

Prevention of Infection

You are likely to be hinted of the infection within a few hours of the bite, which could further lead to severe illnesses or diseases. Dogs that aren’t adequately vaccinated are carriers of diseases like Rabies, MRSA, Tetanus, and Pasteurella. Upon biting you, the bacteria will enter your body and gradually start affecting your bodily functions.

  • A clean cloth should be pressed against the wound to stop the bleeding
  • Wash the bitten area with soap and warm water until it is thoroughly cleaned
  • The bacteria has to be flushed out by running lukewarm water over the wound
  • Cover the wound with a clean bandage after applying any prescribed antibiotic cream to it

Seek medical attention when the wound cannot be handled by yourself and is too deep and serious.


Minor wounds can be sufficiently treated at home by cleaning it with water. But home remedies aren’t functional for all cases of a dog bite, especially where the wound is deep and is heavily bleeding. Consulting a doctor is the best way out of the impending pain and diseases. The doctors use a syringe to flush out bacteria from the wound by applying water and other solutions. Examinations of the wound might be conducted to look for any damage to the bones or nerves. To reduce the risk of tetanus, the doctor might prescribe a tetanus vaccine to the patients who haven’t had one in the last five years. Severe or facial wounds need to be treated under proper medical supervision; stitches would be required to close the wound after which the prescribed antibiotic has to be applied as per the instructions. A postexposure rabies vaccine is recommended to all the patients who do not know the history of the dog’s rabies vaccination.

2.    Legal Procedures

In cases where the victim of a dog bite is not the owner but a stranger, legal help has to be sought to report the attack. The most immediate steps to be taken after a dog bite are:

  • Since the wound is likely to get infected, the very first step to be considered is to seek medical care.
  • Contact the dog’s owner to inform about the attack and to verify the dog’s history of vaccinations. Information should be mutually shared, both regarding the incident and the owner’s details.
  • Make sure to contact the witnesses of the incident when an insurance claim or lawsuit is needed.
  • Reporting the incident to the animal control agency will help you with your case and prevent such bites in the future.

Documentation of the Bite

It is always best to report the incident with appropriate documents that include the details of the injury. Photos, medical records, and journal entries can be submitted along with the written document. It should also include the correspondence with witnesses and the insurance company, medical bills, travel costs and other expenses that were incurred upon you.

Dog Bite Attorney

Hiring an experienced attorney is a key factor in the legal procedures of a dog bite. They can help you settle at a fairly reasonable amount of compensation. Dealing with the insurance agencies is easier with an attorney to favor your anguish. They are well-versed with making negotiations and applying reverse tactics at the insurance agencies when the claim is not settled with a sufficient amount.


Dog bites can be extremely dangerous and can lead to death if not treated properly. Follow the medical procedures to stay healthy and the legalities to not be further affected by the evil tentacles of the insurance agencies. Being complaisant will never help in achieving justice, instead seek the help of the law of the country through a bonafide and experienced dog bite attorney.



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