What is the Best Dog Breed for a family with Young Children

Looking for the best kid-friendly dog? Adopting a four-legged could be an important decision, especially
when you have to consider the small members of the family. Did you know the right kind of family dog
could become the best playmate for your kids and even teach them compassion, responsibility, and
unconditional love? Want to find your perfect canine? This article puts together some of the best Dog
Breeds that are an all-around great companion and suitable to the unique needs of families of all sizes.
So, let’s take a look inside.

#1. Golden Retriever:

This exuberant and social “pack” of Scottish hunting Gundogs is among the U.S.’s most famous family
Dog Breeds. They are friendly, intelligent, sensible, and loyal pets and do extremely well with kids of all
ages. When trained well, Golden Retrievers can be a devoted guide for young children.
Apart from their sweet and goofy personalities, this affectionate, fun-loving, and agile breed loves
playing with kids both outdoors and indoors.
Goldens have a perfect temperament and don’t bark very loudly. They easily get along with little ones
in the family and look over them.
Here’s why should you consider them…

> Peaceful, agile, even-tempered, and extremely friendly
> Extremely adaptable and easy-to-train
> Sweet and adorable personality
> Attentive and protective for children
> Strong, cheerful and playful
> Energetic and hardworking
> Great for hunting, fetching, and swimming
> Obedient and easy-to-train

#2. Bulldogs:

These most eligible descendants of the ancient Mastiff types make great family dogs. Devoted, patient, and
extremely laid back, this breed is extremely affectionate towards the little ones in the family. With a sturdy
built and docile nature, they can be a very loyal companion.
If you have a big, fat, and busy family, bulldogs are your best go-to breed. Get a small-sized pup and they can
easily fit your home, no matter a big house or a small apartment.
Here’s why should you consider them…

> Docile, friendly, and extremely loyal
> Perfect for children who like to roughhouse
> Sturdy built
> Pleasant with guests and a perfect fit for social family
> Compatible with other pets at home
> Needs minimal grooming

#3. Collie:

Descendants of the stouthearted sheep herding dogs, this majestic breed are now among the world’s most
beloved Dog Breeds. Devoted, loyal, lithe, and energetic, these dogs have a sterling character and
unparalleled loyalty. Collies rank among the smartest breeds and have an impactful work heritage. It’s
even heard that Queen Victoria had a great affection for this Scottland breed.
This canine is every child’s dream companion, thanks to the British Author Eric Knight, who launched a
great pop-culture with his novel, Lassie Come-Home. In reality, too, Collies are extremely fond of children.
Their affection and playfulness towards young kids make them a wonderful pet friend.
Here’s why should you consider them…
> Mild-mannered and extremely friendly
> Active, swift, and powerful
> Adorable, intelligent, sensitive, and eager-to-please
> Quick learner
> Stubborn and proud personality
> Attentive and protective for children
> Sturdy, sporty and playful
> Great as a herding dog
> Their expressions are a characteristic hallmark of this breed

#4. Beagle:

With pleading expressions and escapist nature, these scent hounds make a great furry companion, different
from all the other Dog Breeds. It’s supposed, the ancestors of this breed were used in heritage hare-hunting
in the 14th century England! However, their great American counterparts, who look much like a Foxhound,
became an all-time favorite breed as a great family pet.
Gentle and extremely tolerant, Beagles are excellent with young children. They have a calm temperament
and an extreme fetish for external adventure and games. So, if your kids love outdoor plays, this dog breed is a
Here’s why should you consider them…

> Smart, happy and friendly
> Amiable personality
> Enthusiastic, energetic, and extremely adventurous
> Moderate size and sturdy build
> Can be carried and followed anywhere
> They have a melodious bay
> Extremely tolerant and playful with children
> Olfactory smelling efficiency
> Independent, hunting dog

#5. Newfoundland Dog:

These huge, fluffy, and huggable giants are believed to be the descendants of the Tibetan Mastiff.
Trustworthy and trainable, they are among the world’s biggest Dog Breeds. These canines are very calm
and protective in nature and hence do excel as a family pet dog.
Newfies are extremely famous for their benevolent and sweet temperament, and their affinity for young
children is known to the world. Also popular as the “nanny dog” or “Nature’s Babysitter”, this breed has
earned a great reputation for its infinite patience and watchfulness with kids,
There is something dignified about their bearing. Also, their soft expressions make them the most doting
Here’s why should you consider them…

> Easygoing, amiable and gentle
> Extremely watchful
> Massively oversized and powerful
> Intelligent, devoted, and patient
> Task-oriented, patient, and extremely loyal
> Easily trainable
> Love and protect children
> Great swimmer and working dog

Finally, when considering a brand new member of your family with children, the above-mentioned
Dog Breeds are arguably the most quintessential pets. While searching for a particular breed, always
pay attention to its size, energy level, temperament, and specific care needs. Also, try picking a canine
that blends with your family’s lifestyles.



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