What is The Best Cat Litter To Use

What is The Best Cat Litter To Use

Cat owners are confronted with a bunch of options when they go shopping for cat litter. Every day, new cat litter is created by companies thatcat litter all want their products bought. You will find grass, silica gel, walnut shells and wheat hulls all on sale, and that is barely scratching the surface of the trillion other kinds of litter available today. The question is: what is the best litter to use in cat litter boxes? Here are a few tips to help you settle on a particular kind of litter.

How to Choose Cat Litter

1. Absorption

When you are confronted with many kinds of litter, choose the most absorbent kind, and one that will keep odors from waste products contained. You might not be an expert in the area of absorption rates and capabilities of different kinds of litters, but there are many ways to find out what litter is more absorbent than another. You could ask for that information from the pet shop owner or do your own online research.

For instance, clumping clay is generally better at keeping odors down than non-clumping clay, owing to the fact that clumping clay is made of the highly absorbent bentonite.

2. Go as natural as possible

cat litterWhen you want your cat to do her business in a litter box, you are hoping that the cat will prefer the artificial box to the natural environment that it has a natural inclination to prefer. If you want your cat to make the choice that favors you the most, you have to make the litter you use as a cat- friendly as possible. This means that you need to avoid litters that have artificial odor control chemicals, or even scented ones. Your cat will thank you for choosing such litter.

3. Granule size

Additionally, the size of granules of the litter should be considered. Ideally, they should be large so that the cat does not leave with some of them in its paws when leaving the litter box. Additionally, some types of litter have different qualities depending on grain size. For instance, pine litter in granular size can clump, but if it is in pellet form, it can become a soggy mess in no time. The same is true for recycled paper litter.


At the end of the day, you want cat litter that will provide maximum comfort for your cat, and one that is easy to clean. If you have to choose, take a cat litter that has no artificial additives and your cat will thank you for it.




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