What is an Executive Protection Dog?

If you’ve watched the news any time during the past week, you’ve likely heard stories of violence, robberies, break-ins, and carjackings, to name a few. If these have you concerned, you might be interested in the latest breed of dog to take the world by storm: executive protection dogs.

Not only will these K9s be friendly around your neighbors and loving with your kids, but they’ll also protect you at all costs against attackers and intruders. You can think of an executive protection dog as a living, breathing alarm system, bodyguard, and companion all in one.

Read on to learn more about these remarkable animals!

Executive Protection Dog Breeds

Executive protection dogs are trained to be the world’s elite protection dogs. As such, there are only a few breeds selected to go through the rigorous training required to become a full-fledged executive protection dog.

The top two breeds are the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd.

Belgian Malinois are fast becoming the most popular breed of dogs to train. These dogs are incredibly intelligent, capable, loving around family, enjoy working, and are fiercely loyal.

Because of their extreme intelligence and intense drive to work, they are perfect dogs to train. They view themselves as part of your “pack” and will protect you at all costs. Belgian Malinois are very agile and can work for a long time without tiring.

German Shepherds have historically been the protection dog of choice. These loving, fierce, and loyal dogs have been used for decades in the police force and with the military. Germans are incredibly strong, capable, and excel at protection work.

Police depend on these dogs to carry out tasks from apprehending suspects to sniffing out drugs or bombs. German Shepherds are particularly gentle around children and good with families.

Training to be an Executive Protection Dog

Training to be an executive protection dog goes far beyond learning commands to go, sit, and stay. For an executive protection dog to be fully trained and worthy of police or military use, countless hours of intense training have been put into them.

When a dog is trained to become a protection dog, they not only learn basic commands, but learn how to defend their charge, attack when given a single command, obey instantly, and act aggressively when defending and not attacking.

No matter what situation they face, executive protection dogs are fully capable of apprehending attackers or intruders and subduing them until they no longer pose a threat.

The best protection dogs will be gentle and loving around children, adults, noisy families, and even other pets, including cats. They are bred and trained to handle any situation you may face.

They transition effortlessly from loving to protective to aggressive as needed.

Cost of an Executive Protection Dog

Protection dogs are not the average K9 you’ll find at the pound. These animals require a significant outlay for the initial purchase, plus the cost of regular upkeep, such as continued training, food, and regular vet visits.

The cost of an executive protection dog depends on several factors, including its breed, breed lines, and the amount of training at the time of purchase.

A protection dog puppy will be your least expensive purchase, given that there will have been little to no training. The better the breed, breed lines, and show quality or breeding rights, the more you’ll pay.

A top-tier protection dog breed puppy will start around $1,000 from reputable breeders. An adult protection dog with minimal training will start at $5,000.


The better the breed lines, show quality, or breeding rights, the more your dog will cost.

A fully trained executive protection dog will cost you anywhere from 30K to even 100K or more. This is due to their extensive training, which can take up to two years.

Fully trained executive protection dogs are the only defense system you will ever need to protect you and your family against attackers and intruders.

Owning an Executive Protection Dog

Owning an executive protection dog takes serious commitment on the part of the owner. While these dogs will not be nuisances, they should never be left alone for long periods in a confined space.

Executive protection dogs are trained to work and need to be given a job.

Like any dog, they need to be regularly exercised, and training should be refreshed from time to time. Continued socialization is important. Expose your dog to a variety of people and situations so they can stay flexible and alert no matter where they are with you.

Executive protection dogs will offer a lifetime of love, companionship, and protection. In exchange, they need you to provide opportunities to work, run around, and stay social.

Will You Purchase a Protection Dog?

Protection dogs make wonderful companions while providing a measure of unparalleled safety. They are hardworking, incredibly loyal, and will defend you at all costs. While they do cost a lot to purchase, their dependability and training make them worth every penny.

Now that you know a bit more about these incredible dogs, will you decide to own one?



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  1. Ayokunnumi A. E

    One remarkable quality of these protection dogs is that they know exactly when to cross the line between loving and aggressive, while keeping loyalty to its guardian as a driving force.

    You can be certain that despite the tremendous physical qualities it possesses, you and the kids are safe around it.

    Haven said that, these dogs need constant social awareness by exposure and training to make proper decisions.


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