What is a Fear Free Veterinary Office and What Can They Do For Your Pet?

  • What is a Fear-Free Veterinary Office and What Can They Do For Your Pet?

FearFree Veterinary Offices offer great benefits to you and your pet.  Less Stress all around. Despite the numerous trips you’ve made to the vet your pet is still anxious, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.Fear Free Veterinary Office helps to calm your pet for a stress-free and fear free health care check.

They excel in pet handling and healthcare techniques as they use low-stress techniques and effective pet handling approaches that will leave your dog happy and relaxed.

With fear-free veterinary office handling techniques, your cat or your dog will stop skedaddling for cover every time you remove them from the carrier for a trip to the vet. Instead, the exclusive and calming experience that your dog or your cat will get at the fear-free veterinary office will leave them looking forward to the next trip to the vet.

Having your pet examined when relaxed does more than what meets the eye. When your pet gets comfortable with the vet it’s simply a
win-win situation for you and your pet.

Fear-Free VeterinaryFirst, the vet is able to take accurate heartbeat and temperature readings that are preliminary indicators of the health status of your
pet. Anxiety and stress can often make the heart rate and temperature of your pet to rise making it difficult for the vet to establish the true health state of your pet.

Besides, a relaxed examination will give you one more reason not to neglect the important healthcare check for your pet as the experience will certainly be a pleasant one for you and your pet.

What is the secret that fear-free veterinary offices have that your regular vet doesn’t know? Well, Fear Free Veterinary Office has a unique approach that entirely diffuses pet’s fear and stress, and in return make pets’ healthcare safer and successful.

Here is what a Fear-Free Veterinary Office can do for your pet.

Fear Free Veterinary Office helps you deliver a calm pet for examination Calming your pet starts way before the day of examination. What are some of the few adjustments recommended by a fear-free veterinary office that can help calm your pet? The best place to begin calming your pet is by conditioning your pet to its carrier. You can do this by allowing your pet to use the carrier on a daily basis as a resting place. As a result, your pet won’t associate the carrier with frightening car ride or any other unpleasant experience.

Use gentle and pet-friendly pre-visit sedatives

Using pre-visit sedative agents will help your dog or your cat ride with you in the car without being stressed or anxious. The fear Free veterinary office will help you identify the right pre-visit sedative agents that are species-specific. Sedatives help in taking off the edge and calming your pet for an easy and enjoyable trip to the vet.

Direct entry into the species-specific examination room

It’s the rule of the thumb at Fear Free Veterinary Office to ensure that the use of clinical waiting area is kept at minimal. What is the
best strategy to achieve this goal? First, a number of rooms are made available so that the pet can go right for examination on arrival.

In a case where all the rooms are full, it is recommended that the pet waits in the car until the time when a room is available for
examination. This will ensure that your pet will have minimal interferences from either strangers or other pets as commonly seen in many other pets waiting for areas that do not implement the fear-free pet healthcare techniques.

Using species-specific rooms scented with pheromones, wall covering, and calming music also helps in calming the pet. Besides, silent heaters are also used to control the temperature of the examination room so as to make your pet really feel at home away from home.

Creating a sense of calm in the examination room and use of healthy treats.

Winning the trust and confidence of your pet forms the basis of examining your pet in a fear-free environment. At Fear Free Veterinary
Office a number of techniques are used to calm your pet so that the examination can be as friendly and stress-free as possible.

To begin with, the pet is brought to the examination room while the vets are already in the room. Such a move will minimize the time the pet will take to blend in with everything and everyone in the examination room. Once the pet is in the room, direct eye contact is avoided as much as possible, and the wait game strategy is brought into play. If you are wondering, what the wait game strategy all about? Well, it is a strategy where the pet is left alone until the pet is willing to initiate interaction.

Healthy treats are used to encourage pets to open up to the vets and interact more freely. The treats are tossed at convenient places that the pet can pick at ease without necessarily going near a vet.

Fear-Free Cat Visits

A towel for your cat that is laced with pheromones is always provided so that your cat can find a place to hide as the cat gets more comfortable with the new environment and the vet. The examination surfaces are non-slip so as to reduce the anxiety as the pet is being examined.

Fear Free Veterinary Office also offers different alternatives of examining your pet. If the pet doesn’t feel like coming out of the carrier the vet will examine your pet while the top of the carrier is open. Even better, a yoga mat can be laid on the floor and examination is done right on the floor. It all about having your pet remain as calm and stress-free as possible.

Using best distractive technique during vaccination

When your pet needs to be vaccinated Fear Free Veterinary Office explores the less painful route as much as possible. Sedating your pet as early as possible so that the drugs can take effect before vaccinating is one of the best strategies to minimize pain. Secondly, we always settle for small-gauge needles. The essence of using distractive technique is to ensure that both the emotional and physical well-being of your pet is well taken of.


Fear Free Veterinary Office holds the secret to a fear-free as well as a stress-free pet and vet interaction. The dreaded trips to the vet
both by you and your pet can be made pleasant with the Fear-Free Veterinary Office healthcare techniques. Your pet will be handled and checked, and leave while relaxed and happy.

If you are looking for a Fear-Free Veterinary Office in Union County NC call Chestnut Arbor Animal Hospital and tell them Love and Kisses Pet Sitting Sent you.




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