What If An Emergency Happens With Your Pet While You Are Out Of Town?

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A veterinary surgeon removes stitches from a cat’s face following minor surgery on an abscess. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  What If An Emergency Happens With Your Pet?

As a professional pet sitter I am often surprised that so many people just leave their pets in the care of a person that has no experience in what to do if there was an emergency with the pets they are caring for.  Why would you not hire a professional?  Why leave your pets in the care of someone that has no insurance, bonding, or training in what to do if there was an emergency, or what to look for as far as your pets health goes.

Going away without your pets? Regardless of whether you’re leaving your animal in the care of family or friends, a veterinary hospital, boarding kennel or stable, you should authorize someone you trust to act on your behalf in case of an emergency if you can’t be reached.

What if you couldn’t  be reached in case of an emergency?

If your pet needs emergency medical care and you can’t be reached, who do you trust to make vital decisions about your pet’s health? Plan ahead with our suggested pet care emergency authorization form. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has our clients sign a form that authorize us to to bring your pet to the veterinary office if there is an emergency.  Of course we would alway be in touch with you and have the vet talk with you to keep you informed on your pet’s health if something should happen.

We consider this to be extremely important and can not stress enough that this topic be thought out well in advance of leaving your pets. Luckily, we are in a position to offer solutions to our clients. Unfortunately, there always seems to be others that don’t give this subject the importance it deserves.

Below is the page that I came across today and wanted to share it with you so you can make sure you have all your ducks in a row.  If you need to hire a professional pet sitter and you are in the Union County area, give us a call to discuss your pet sitting needs.  704-763-9857




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