What I Love About Being A Pet Sitter In Indian Trail NC

What I Love About Being a Pet Sitter

When I was growing up in New York I realized that I had such a love for animals.  My mom always told everyone “Every time Maureen comes home she brings home a stray dog or cat”.  It is true, I hated to see cats or dogs roaming the streets.  I remember this one stray dog came up to my car and actually jumped into my car window.  I told my mom ” We have to keep this one because he choose me”

Once I got married I decided I wanted to open up a dog grooming store because I worked as a dog groomer for someone else and I loved it.  So, I did!!!  I was so proud of myself for doing what I set out to do.  I loved the fact that I could make all these dogs look and smell so pretty.  The owners loved me too.  I had clients tell me “My dog does not like getting groomed”  Well, I had no problems and that is what made my business a success.  The customers always came back and said to me “I am so glad we found you.”

Now that I am a bit older the grooming part for me is lot harder, physically.  I still wanted to work with animals and  I had a,” not so good experience” with boarding my dog as I explained in a earlier blog, what I felt I could do for the comfort of dogs and cats it to start a Pet Sitting Business!!!!! And that is why LOVE AND KISSES PET SITTING was started.

I get to actually go to the homes of my clients and play, walk, feed, comfort and give all the love to the fur kids that are fortunate enough to stay home while their parents go away on vacation or for business.  I know that most dogs are much more comfortable in their own home than in dog kennels.  With all the barking and smell of fear in the kennels from the  dogs that are there.  My clients get to have someone that LOVES them and is there to care for them and give them the attention ONE ON ONE that they deserve.

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