What Happens if My Dog Eats Grub Worms?

The question asked by many worried dog owners as they watch the pup they love to dig up and eat such harmful looking beings. Grub worms come under a type of beetle larvae renown for damaging lawns by borrowing underneath them and eating the roots of plants and regular turf grass, most commonly found in the seasons from Spring to Fall they are known for their pest like grievances associated with them. Most are approximately half an inch long with a very distinctive brown tip/head and are found in dense in groups typically under certain parts of your lawn that are very easy to simply lift up and are often a brown/darker shade of green due to their root eating habits.


So you watch your dog eat one or more of these grub worms and want to know, what happens now? Well technically speaking the most likely outcome is that nothing will happen to your dog, grub worms alone are completely harmless and a good source of protein. Just regular digestion and that is all. However, there is a possibility that any one of the worms eaten will contain intestinal parasite eggs or other toxic soil elements that the worm has picked up or eaten from the surrounding and most likely unsterilized soil. This can be an issue and may make cause your dog to be infected with very common canine parasites such as the roundworm. Generally speaking, it doesn’t even matter what it exactly is that your dog is eating from the ground, anything your dog eats that lives in soil pose a small risk to your dog’s health, due to the fact that you never know if the soil is infested with harmful parasites or bacteria.

With the knowledge that your dog has eaten grub worms, it is advisable that you prevent it from eating any more of them (or anything else living in your lawn for that matter), be on the lookout for any symptoms of your dog having worms such as vomiting, coughing, diarrhea, visible worms, and weight loss. Keep in mind that the likelihood of this actually happening to your dog is low, however, you still should not allow your dog to keep risking its health. Make sure your dog is always well-fed and nourished before you let it outside if the grub worms in your garden are still being eaten, the best option is to not let your dog outside unsupervised and to have your lawn treated to eliminate the grub worm infestation. Remember that if you do begin poisoning the grub worms in your garden don’t ever let your dog out onto your lawn, if it eats a poisoned grub worm it can cause serious complications and in some cases even death.

In conclusion, do not panic if your dog has eaten grub worms, just keep an eye on it and keep track of it by preventing it from eating any more worms and by watching for any symptoms of some type of parasitical, fungal or bacterial infections.

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