What Does a Pet Sitter Do

What Does a Pet Sitter Do

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Having a professional pet sitter is one of the very important services that we all will need from time to time and it is always good to make sure you have the best care set in place for your pets. There are companies that have been set up so as to help take care of your pet whenever the need arises. Sometimes in life, there are situations that are simply beyond us and some of them may happen to your own sitter and therefore they may be unable to be there for your pets due to personal emergencies. In such a situation, the professional pet sitting companies always have some backup pet sitters in case this does happen and so you will not be stuck for too long with a dilemma. That is one of the reasons to make sure you hire a professional sitting company, not a neighbor or the kid down the block.

The pet sitter should also be able to handle the basics of pet sitting. Usually, you will need a consultation and this is free of charge. This gives you some time to meet the sitter and also the pets can interact with him/her. Usually, this consultation can take around 30-45 minutes and during this time you can see how the pet sitter handles your cat, dog or other pets in your home. The sitter should be able to be with the animal and feed it well throughout the time that you will not be able to.

Pet sitting requires that the sitter gives the animal’s fresh water and food daily. The bowls also have to be cleaned before the pets are fed. Scooping the cat’s litter box is yet another activity that the sitters have to undertake while they are taking care of the cats in the home and this is actually very important. If the visits are all about the cat and no dogs are involved, the sitter needs to take some time to be with the cats and dogs and give them lots of love and attention. 

If you need to be away and don’t want to leave your house without someone in it, you can find a professional pet sitter that can stay at your home with your pets.  Having a house sitter who can also take care of your pet is always a really great idea. If you get a house sitter, you may opt to receive progress reports from time to time especially if a pet is involved. You can have this sent in form of text or email.

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  1. Peter M

    Today, having a pet sitter or walker is a must. Pets, especially four-legged ones, are cherished sometimes as much as family members, and they are part of our family. In turn, we want what’s best for our furry family because we desire their warmth and love.

    We are all busy and as much as we try to slow events down, they seem to proceed with the speed of light. Where does that leave our four-legged friends during the course of any day? We all want our pets loved and tended to by someone that will care for them as much as we would. There is no one better

    • Maureen McCarthy

      I agree 100% thank you for sharing!


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